Thursday, April 28, 2011

Purity Ring - Ungirthed

Indie Electropop single from Purity Ring. Massive


Mogwai / Old World Vulture at the Phoenix, Toronto, April 26th, 2011

Met up with Josh and Jeff (our out-of-town expert on Awesome and Ottawa) at the Bishop and Belcher on a warm and foggy (fogwai?) night. The Tuesday Special menu usually would mean a NY steak but decided on nachos instead. Pleasantly rewarded. A lot of places tend to over-do nachos but the B & B got it just right: one layer of softish nacho chips (as opposed to corn-flavoured shrapnel) and melted marble cheese (as opposed to orange lactic grout fused into waxed serving paper). Bravo.

With three cliff-hanger playoff games, but no team to cheer for, there was a sort of frustrated anticipation in the air. Odd but familiar. Jack Layton. PM Jack Layton?! It's Habs 2 - Bruins 1 in the 2nd and we're off to the Phoenix.

We arrive with the opening act already into their set. A good-sized crowd presses up against the stage, looking sky-ward and bobbing their head. We swim along the side to the back which still has some space. Spot a time-table taped to the booth at the back - everything on schedule. The scene was aptly described by Jeff's boss, Sylvia, as "eclectic", a little "hipster" but not quite "trendy". Sombre but not sober is my take.

The openers were supposed to be Mogwai labelmates, the Errors, but due to some craziness we got Old World Vultures comprised of a remarkably appreciative guitarist, a (standing) keyboardist, bassist and (seated) drummer. Josh thought they were a Mogwai cover band. The drummer works the kick bass with a passion, which has a cool echo effect coming through the mic. The guitarist has some neat effects pedals translating them into an assortment of shrieks and drones. They move the spotlight around effectively with the Bassist picking up his share of the melodic duties.

Then there's the Synth. Maybe I'm picking on him because he was standing. I mean, they have keyboards you can play while standing - they are called Accordions. The more problematic thing was the tone of the keyboards - too clean. MHO, it doesn't combine well with distorted guitar and deeper Bass tones. Noticed it in the penultimate song with a massive chord which came out very screetchy; would have been easier to digest with a wavier tone.

Intermission arrived and talk turned to whiskey. More people filed in and sightlines were getting pretty shabby. I got stuck behind a loving couple - a necessary evil it seems in the music concert biz. The place is very full by this point and 3 minutes behind schedule, Mogwai take the stage.

A terse "I'm Stuart from Glasgow" preceeds the opening volley of awesome; a track from their latest album: Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will

A screen has been setup over the band and a series of white on black geometric shapes swirl around gradually coalescing into something recognizable. Order from Chaos. Jeff, a Platonist, goes into a mindgasm. The guitars swell and the song slowly builds on the foundation of an echoey rhythm guitar. The lead guitar starts and cuts away. The control of dynamics is really quite amazing. A radio-length cut, this one ends with a typically down-pitched "Thank you" from Stuart and they are into the next track.

The rhythm guitar starts with a slow picking tune which slowly morphs into a pleasing counterpoint with the lead. This continues until one one guitar explodes into a distorted swoon. Choose your own metaphor. The slow disciplined build is characteristic. The synth supports rather than leads - great choice, they seem better for harmonic chords not so much for melody. The drums aren't as bass-laden as the Old World Vultures - more crash cymbals and snare.

Mogwai deserve a whole section on guitar effects that I wish I had the knowledge to write. The sound of a pick on strings is almost completely absent from the Mogwai experience. Instead, the guitars see a steady amount of strumming which accelerates steadily throughout a track. This accelerated strumming builds layers of volume. The results are massive resonant chords that you can build something out of.

Meanwhile, this is turning into a private kind of experience for the crowd. One can sense this by the manner in which people carefully thread their way to and from the bar so as not to jostle or disrupt one another. There's a brief pause as some glitch is worked out and someone yells out "Glasgow Mega-Snake". Sorry dude, that is not your Mom and this is is not your iPod.

There's something sort of unusal about the ending of a Mogwai song performed live. Both Mogwai and the audience know when a song ends - and it has nothing to do with when the sounds stops coming out of the speakers. There is a consensus happening on another level that the song is done and the matter of turning off the juice is merely ritual.

Feeling parched, I make a move to the back area. Turns out the view is better; not just of the voluptuous raven-haired bartender, but of the whole visual package. Must say, the crew did a fantastic job of integrating the lighting, sound and video track. The neatest visuals were of a cyclist slaloming through verdant hilly countryside on a narrow road. Choose your own metaphor. Very different feel from their film Burning.

After a long spell of instrumentals, the band tries some vocals. Unfortunately, the levels on the mic weren't set up. Stuart picks up on this. Hardcore will never die, but your Mic will.

Another track starts off with a vaguely familiar Kraftwerk feel to it. I started to think of other bands with three guitars. Lynrd Skynrd. Iron Maiden. Pretty good company.

The band comes out for the encore. Murmurs for "My Father, My King" but not today. We get three nice tracks, the last one a doozy as Stuart and Dominic? work the Marshalls for some terminal feedback. Stuart leaves but his guitar lives on. Hardcore will never die, but You will. My ears are humming as we leave the Phoenix.

Mogwai are a Guild of Musicians. They build Walls of Sound.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Malajube Synesthésie

Great lush indie track from this Montreal band taken from their new album La Caverne released last week.


Duran Duran Toronto Phoenix Concert Theatre April 25, 2011

Picture courtesy of the guy from Dragon's Den. Note the camera angle, he obviously got to sit somewhere where people usually don't get to sit at the Phoenix.

Sold out show at the Phoenix Concert Theatre for New Wave eighties boy band Duran Duran and this is what they said before the show even started:

@SexTRex: Duran Duran is across the street from my house right now

@libbyricci: Duran Duran at the Phoenix 30 years later!!

@ThatEricAlper: At Duran Duran show in Toronto. So, this is what we all look like now we've all growned up, huh?

@brucepoontip: What the hell @SimonJCLeBON The audience is waiting! Get your ass out here and earn your pound of flesh! Duran Duran in Toronto!

@JaneCStevenson: What year is it? I'm at phoenix waiting for duran duran to go on!

@Deddster: Observation from the crowd at Duran Duran...Old people, I feel safe.

@KristinReid: Ok. I came to see Duran Duran, not 100 shitty music videos!

@thegoldenyear: Duran Duran club gig with shouty females who can't hold their liquor. (@ Phoenix Concert Theatre w/ 7 others)

@lanadriscoll: Duran at the Phoenix - feel like I'm 13. Better than botox:)

Then the band hit the stage and the tweets went wild:

@ThatEricAlper: Duran Duran. Onstage. Looking so fucking good it's scary. #EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

@JaneCStevenson: Duran duran are starting their phoenix show with planet earth. The crowd is going nuts. Simon lebon looks unimpressed. Very british.

@jinxyyz: Duran Duran!!!!!! The 12 year-old girl in me is squealing!!!!!!!!!!!!! (@ Phoenix Concert Theatre w/ @serenityreine)

@smclarenwiseman: At Duran Duran with @sarahewaldock and our man Oz. Feels great to be the youngest gals in the room...

@SarahEWaldock: At Duran Duran with @saramclarenwiseman and the fabulous Ozzie. The Phoenix is like a high school dance in a sweaty school gym circa 1984.

@brucepoontip: Oh Lord.. Chewie you were right! They have a new album to flog! Who cares Duran Duran! I paid to see The Reflex bitches!

@Deddster: Duran are doing The Chauffaur and Simon has a weird hat thing goin on.....Neal doesn't get it.

@JaneCStevenson: Now doing best ever duran duran ballad_ ordinary world.

@christina411: Wish I was at the Duran Duran concert tonight. I can't believe I missed out on tickets

@brucepoontip: Ok Simon Lebon talking about Wiki Leaks [at Duran Duran concert]! WTF! I yelled "shut up and play the reflex!"

@sydneynorheim: Duran Duran, you guys are my hero's!

@JaneCStevenson: Duran duran have left stage after an hour and 20 mins but are back for encore: the reflex

@Bigtdotmoe: "Her name is Rio, and she dances cross the sand!!" Duran Duran has the Phoenix jumpin!! The place is packed!!!

@Goggz: Duran Duran is #Trending in Toronto

@kevinolearytv: Girls on Film! Great Duran Duran concert, you are here with me!

@LadyLeighD: Duran Duran in is Toronto and I'm going to bed. Can you say loser?

@flamesprite: Duran Duran in Toronto : hot and steamy and deafening and wonderful

@JaneCStevenson: Duran duran finished strong with girls on film simon lebon soaking wet in his shirt.

@egoldenshtein: Just relived (or clung to) youth at The Phoenix. Duran Duran make time stand still.

@CharPgirl: Duran Duran were fab tonight. They played The Chauffeur and Careless Memories! Roger looked great. Oh, and John is still hot! :)

@alphamoongirl: I'm speechless.. Duran Duran was just incredible. I danced, I sang my heart out & feel tired but rejuvenated. What a night!

@sandyel: Duran Duran was so fun! #yay #Toronto

@sbuch1: Duran Duran you were awesome! Putting up all my posters again @duranduran

Check out their new single All You Need Is Now from the new album of the same name:


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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nicki Minaj - Girls Fall Like Dominoes

Nicki tears up Dominoes by The Big Pink for a mad mash-up. Found on the new deluxe versions of her debut album Pink Friday out now.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Femi Kuti at the Opera House Toronto April 19, 2011

Femi Kuti Dancers

Met up with IKvsDK at Prohibition. Turns out they serve nachos with pulled pork and salsa verde - not currently available at Factory Girl (hint). After watching the Canucks pull even with the Blackhawks, we wended our way to the Opera House.

The place was about half-full with people lining the back and side walls, getting their drink on. IKvsDK described the crowd as "diverse".

The opener was a DJ spinning what looked like vinyl. He read out his job description - "... to get your arms and legs moving" - which was moderately successful with a sporadic mix of funky beats. IKvsDK critiqued this guy's DJ skillz, spotting a few instances when a "PLAY" button was pushed. Was the vinyl just for show? Is there a real DJ in the house (hint)?

Meanwhile, the DJ's old lady was shaking it up in front of the turntables doing some solo work on a dance floor that suddenly seemed too big. But people steadily filed in and the Opera House filled up. Great venue by the way.

The DJ took down his set and I noticed a roadie on stage carrying a large stack of towels like it was Extreme Fitness. These towels got distributed at key places and it was evident a workout was in store.

Around 9:30 the band took the stage. Someone started recording the event on their iPad in front the stage; conspicuous to say the least. The bass, guitar, drums and keyboardist got in place followed by the horns and timbalist. Three costumed dancers strutted out in a line, briefly faced the audience, turned around, bent over and started shaking their tails. Three units in a row shaking madly, like sunday at a laundromat. Then the main man, Femi Kuti, made his grand entrance.

The first cut was absolutely amazing. It took a while to get the levels right but Femi Kuti took the band then the audience through their paces. The opening track was a driving 4-beat uptempo number that brought the crowd to life. Turns out Femi Kuti is a circle-breather as he highlighted the piece with a sustained note on his alto sax for a brief eternity. By this time, ladies from the audience had gathered at the front of the stage forming a dance pit.

There were about three different styles of songs in the show, the uptempo four-beat dance track, the slower 2-beat dub/reggae vibe and the rapping track where Femi Kuti rocked the mic about Africa. I thought the band was strongest with first two, (particular the slower tracks) and Femi Kuti seemed to pick up on this after testing out a few tracks from his latest album Africa for Africa.

Femi Kuti is a marvel - mic, keyboard, sax, trumpet, conducting, dancing ... always doing something.

After playing nonstop for 1 hr 45 mins, the band finally took a breather, finishing with the hit Beng, Beng, Beng. Phenomenal.

Meanwhile, at Massey Hall, the Pixies - like the Canucks - had packed it in and were on the tour bus to the next gig.

Femi Kuti was just getting warmed up. The "encore" was a second set which lasted another 35 minutes. Phenomenal.

Harmonically, the numbers were basically two chords: tonic and dominant which gives rise to alot of repeated three note riffs. The rhythm and tempo are steady but volume and voicing is where the tension is generated. Guitar, keyboard and horns had the task of adding this tension and all did great work. My uncle once told me that there is no substitute for live horns. I see what he means now.


Bobmo - Hardbells (Original Mix)

Slammin underground hardhouse track on BNR Trax. Early nineties revisited?


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Alias Dance Project - The First LP

Had a chance to take in some Modern Dance + DJ on April 13th. Here are some notes:
The scene - Lower Ossington Theatre
The first and second rows of the bleacher-like seating have been replaced with comfy looking cushions and pillows suitable for hipsters and their young lady-friends. Being neither, I sat up by the camera and the DJ in the darkness.
Side walls patterned with silhouettes of those plastic record shurikens - the ones used to play a 45 on a turntable - fitting for the First LP.
A few minutes to go, the dancers were out lounging in the front corner relaxed yet focused. People still filing in. But there was something ... brooding.
They say never trust a man whose hair and moustache do not match in colour - like John Bolton. Well, the DJ looked an untrustworthy sort. A laptop with a setup featuring two reels and a set of buttons. No headphones. Low rumbling waves searching for the first act. Ominous - a Roger Troutman death gurgle.
First Dance
The opening number had five dancers and a lot of movement for my weak eyes. Gradually, I adjusted and started to notice the way the ensemble drew one's attention to smaller groups within the larger swirl based on their movement. Occasionally there was movement in isolation.
By this time it becomes clear that there are programme notes to explain what is going on. I decide "why spoil the surprise" and choose to ignore.
Second Dance
A solo dance with a bench as an additional surface. Probably there's a whole terminology that I'm missing out on. I choose to ignore this as well.
The music has a bit of a Trip-Hop feel - alot more rhythmic which suits the exhibition. I really liked this dance - there was the feel of a gymnastic routine combining strength, balance and form.
What followed was an intermission with a sort of Indian-sounding score. I break down and start to read the programme notes.
Third Dance
Sometime during the intermission, a huge spiral looking alot like Zakk Wylde's guitar appeared on the floor. The music starts up - it has absolutely no rhythm; my ears seek out something familiar in a discomfitting track.
This is a solo dance. A beautiful woman in a green dress starts near the centre of the spiral and swirls to the outside. Slowly working around the spiral, the music seems to contort the woman moving body parts in odd ways. The woman ends head down in the middle of the spiral more or less a twisted pile. The opposite of burlesque. The whole thing made me sad - perhaps a dark statement about loss of youth/grace/beauty. The nadir of the evening.
Fourth Dance
At this point I'm yearning for some narrative - something I can feel more postive about. What comes is pretty close - it's like Pleasantville. This was a group dance that starts off with no music score - wise choice as it suits this piece and also resets the howl of the previous score.
For a few minutes 5 figures in black hoodies move about the stage in harmony. But one lone figure breaks out of the conformity and literally sheds their black outer garments revealing a red jumpsuit below. The remaining four figures try to swarm the lone red but eventually the red suit grabs hold of one of the black figures and strips off their black outer garments revealing another red jumpsuit. One by one the black-suits become red-suits till it is 4-1. The lone holdout is eventually subdued and lo and behold, the big reveal is a yellow jumpsuit.
Nice. Wonder if tear-aways would have made this a little easier? Best dance of the night, IMHO.
A second intermission. The DJ goes to work and my ears hear more ... cowbell.
Fifth Dance
This one continued with the theme of the individual within the group with a different shade. One dancer was clearly a leader directing the movements of the others. The control was exerted in various ways, even getting the group to run into the back wall which elicited a giggle. I guess this is where dance is different from acting as it was difficult to gauge the reaction of the controlled to being controlled
After reading the programme notes, this dance was inspired by WWII footage. So freedom was a theme. Master of Puppets.
Sixth Dance
A larger group dance that had a kind of "jam" feel to it. This one had alot of individual movement to it. The move of the night for me was one dancer going from a headstand to a handstand with perfect balance. Yeah, I couldn't even do that on PS3
There was no outro music - The dancers' coup de grace.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Toronto Wednesday Madness - And Also Sharks - Acrylics - Cult Of Youth - Beach Fossils - Craft Spells

Mid week and IKVSDK probably shouldn`t even be going out with work being so hectic. How to pick. Three great concerts and 1 book release. I need a tardis to get to all four. Here`s what is happening:

1. Book launch for Jessica Westhead's 'And Also Sharks'at Toronto Underground Cinema (186 Spadina Ave) with Dj Tricky Ricky of Panicmanual Fame spinning the tunes on his futuristic turntables.

2. Cult of Youth opening for Zola Jesus at the Garrision (1197 Dundas St W). Probably my pic of the night with Cult of Youth channeling the spirit of the late eighties alternative music scene.

3. Captured Tracks bring us an amazing double bill of Beach Fossils and Craft Spells in the Shop at Parts And Labour (1566 Queen Street West). Two great bands with that droning indie beach surf sound.

4. The Acrylics opening for Junip at Lee`s Palace (Bloor and Bathurst). Nice dark fluttered indiepop from this up and coming band and the friendliest venue for easy TTC escape at the end of the night.

Wednesday night is a no cocooning zone  so check out a sample of what the night has to offer below and tell IKVSDK where you`d want to go:

1. Jessica Westhead's 'And Also Sharks'

2. Cult of Youth - New Youth


3a. Craft Spells - Sun Trails


3b. Beach Fossils - Calyer

4. Acrylics - Molly`s Vertigo


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Upcoming Toronto Concerts as of April 17th

Here's the monthly list of some really good shows coming through Toronto soon:

18 April Pixies / Imaginary Cities (Massey Hall)
19 April Pixies / Imaginary Cities (Massey Hall)
19 April Femi Kuti (Opera House)
20 April Acrylics / Junip (Lee's Palace)
20 April Cult Of Youth /Zola Jesus (The Garrison)
20 April Beach Fossils / Craft Spells (Parts And Labour)
22 April The Submarines / Nik Frietas / Matthews Brothers
25 April Duran Duran (Phoenix)
26 April Mogwai / Errors (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
30 April Foals (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
01 May Kills / Cold Cave / The Entrance Band (Sound Academy)
01 May Tame Impala / Yuck / Yawn (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
04 May Yelle (Opera House)
06 May Peter Bjorn and John (Lee's Palace)
07 May Lowest Of The Low / Mick Thomas (Massy Hall)
12 May Tune-yards / Buke & Gass (Horseshoe Tavern)
14 May James Blake (Rivoli)
16 May Echo and The Bunnymen (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
17 May Sleigh Bells / CSS (Sound Academy)
20 May The Cars (Sound Academy)
22 May Lykke Li (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
22 May Crystal Stilts (Sneaky Dee's)
27 May Anna Calvi (El Mocambo)
29 May Radio Dept (Horseshoe Tavern)
30 May Friendly Fires (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
4 June Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance) and Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) (Opera House)
7 June Yeasayer / Smith Westerns (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
11 June Gruff Rhys (Horseshoe)
16 June Deerhoof / Dodos (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
23 June Elvis Costello (Sony Centre)
17 July Gomez (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
02 August The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (Opera House)

Young Knives - Love My Name

Brand new single from the UK outfit Young Knives off their latest album Ornaments From The Silver Arcade on the Gadzook label


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lone - Rapid Racer

R And S Records with an old skool techno type track bringing it back to 1990. Off Lone's EP Echolocationas. Saturday Night - Feelin alright


Friday, April 15, 2011

Mason feat. Sway - I Just Wanna Rock You

Funky house/club track from Mason taken from the album They Are Among Us


Cloud Nothings Horseshoe Tavern Toronto April 14, 2011

Last night at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto the Cloud Nothings rocked the crowd and this is what they said:

@melodylamb: Cloud Nothings are about to go on. If you're not here, I am deeply ashamed of you. #seriously

@becircle: Weird. @dries twin singing for Cloud Nothings at the horseshoe

@43n79w: Cloud Nothings at the Horseshoe. The only way to get over a cold.

@melodylamb: Cloud Nothings just rocked the shortest set ever. Awesome/boo!

@buildingafort: Yay for Cloud Nothings - a really fun show at the Horseshoe last night to start the weekend. With time to spare.

Here's a recent video by the band:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Alela Diane & Wild Divine - Of Many Colours

Alt-country artist Alela Diane and Wild Divine with a great track off her new self titled album on Rough Trade Records


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Superhumanoids: Malta

Catchy indiepop track from the Superhumanoids who recently rocked the Horseshoe. Off their 2nd EP release called Parasite Paradise.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Gang Gang Dance - 'MindKilla'

Electro ragga indie track from 4AD band Gang Gang Dance and taken from their new album Eye Contact. Slammin!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right - Revisited

Insane Movie Trailer for the Beastie Boys new album called Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. Check out all the cameo appearances. I think this is actually the trailer for a 30 minute video which will be included with the album?


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dunstan, Sarah, and Billy - White Wedding

Best wishes to IKVSDK scribe and travelling correspondent Dunstan who is getting married today to the lovely Sarah. I'm sure that the party down south will be epic.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Holy Ghost! - Wait and See

Catchy new wave eighties sounding track from Holy Ghost who open up for Cut Copy in Toronto on April 7th at the Sound Academy


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Album Shortlist - April

The Album Shortlist - April (although not so short)

Acrylics - Lives and Treasures
Blancmange - Burn (yes, 26 years since their last album)
Blouse - Into Black 7 Inch
Brothertiger - Point Of View EP
Julian Cope - The Jehovahcoat Demos (the Madman is back)
Cornershop - Cornershop & The Double 'o' Groove Of
Craft Spells Idol Labor
Crystal Stilts - In Love With Oblivion
Dead Milkmen - The King In Yellow
Exene Cervenka - The Excitement of Maybe
Glasvegas - Euphoric Heartbreak
Grant Hart - Oeuvrevue
Holy Ghost! - Holy Ghost!
Human League - Credo (yes, 10 years since their last album)
Jupiter - Sake [EP]
Kills - Blood Pressures
Korallreven - Honey Mine EP
Luminary Youth - Weekend Dreams
Memphis - Here Comes A City (Stars side project)
Oh Land- Oh Land
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Belong
Paper Aeroplanes - We Are Ghosts
Raekwon - Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang
Raveonettes - Raven in the Grave
Submarines - Love Notes Letter Bombs
Sun Glitters - Everything Could Be Fine
Superhumanoids - parasite paradise
Throwing Muses-The Season Sessions- Spring
Tune-Yards - Who Kill
Yelle - Safari Disco Club

Reissues and Deluxe Versions
A Flock Of Seagulls - A Flock Of Seagulls (Reissue)
A Flock Of Seagulls - Dream Come True (Reissue)
The Colourfield - Virgins and Philistines (Reissue)
The Colourfield - Deception (Reissue)
Nick Heyward - North Of A Miracle (2CD Remaste

The Cults / Magic Kids / Superhumanoids Horseshoe Tavern Toronto April 4, 2011

Nice triple bill at the horseshoe tavern. Warmed myself first with a Pulled Pork Poutine and burger at the BQM Diner just down the road from the Horseshoe. Tasty and excellent service. Have to say I was quite impressed with the Superhumanoids and an okay size crowd to take them in. Place got busy by the time the Cults came on. Hipsters Roger and I were there and this is what we/they said about the night:

Superhumanoids (Band 1) (We even caught the band tweeting)

@IKvsDK: Superhumanoids at the horseshoe. Warming up the house. Definately worth a listen. #downtempoelectropop nice!

@Rebharath: #np #superhumanoids #horseshoe a song about child obesity
@JessicaCapo: Superhumanoids from LA were pretty dreamy and cool. Magic Kids singer reminds me of a few high school loves who played in bands. #mementos

@IKvsDK: Ikvsdk Horseshoe tavern cults magic kids superhumanoids. Buzz! but no @panicmanual to be found

@superhumanoids: hanging w @easytigerben at the horseshoe - toronto for life

@superhumanoids: just bumped in to a guy and he apologized #canada

@drummmerben: @superhumanoids sup y'all, good set!

@_terrioreilly: @superhumanoids we are quite nice aren't we? So wait, that wouldn't happen in LA?

@superhumanoids: @_terrioreilly it might..maybe not tho

@_terrioreilly: @superhumanoids ahaha I still have hope in the American people and their manners!
Magic Kids (Band 2)

@melodylamb: Magic Kids rockin'; the Shoe with smiley tunes right now. Almost makes up for the stupid rain outside.

@IKvsDK: Did the magic kids just put on sunglasses. #horseshoe

@Rebharath: #np #magickids whiskey #horseshoe

@GregAbramowitz: Lead singer of magic kids acknowledged drunk girl by purposely shoving his ass in her face #shethoughtitwasacompliment

@Rebharath: #magicfeedback

@HawleyDunbar: Magic kids are fucking rocking it! So glad to finally see them play live!

@Rebharath: #magickids ended strong. they're good when they focus. #horseshoe

The Cults (Band 3)

@karolinayyz: At the cults show and I swear to god all the kids in front of me got in with very good fake ids.... Or am I really just that old!

@norasaidso: Super duper hipster explosion @ the Horseshoe! Cardigans and moustaches and glasses oh my! #Cults

@stephneg: The shoe is pretty packed! Cults up next!

@melodylamb: Cults just took the stage! All I see is hair! It's all just hair and voice!

@Rebharath: #np #thecults #horseshoe awesome

@Rebharath: #thecults using some kind of reverb echo thing. Nice effect

@HawleyDunbar: Glad whoever broke into Cults van earlier didn't steal their instruments because they're killing it live!

@melodylamb: The bro section of this Cults show is really losing it over "You Know What I Mean" (which is KILLER live!!)

@IKvsDK: I would have thought the cults were a heavy metal band with all that hair. Wicked show so far

@karolinayyz: The kid behind me is now moshing to a song that will soon be featured on sesame street... #cults

@Rebharath: #thecults have a cover of sweat leaf but are waiting for the right audience #nothorseshoe

@HawleyDunbar: Cults are rocking a real xylophone for "Go Outside". Love it!

@sidewalkhustle: Cults closing with "Oh My God". Great track! Cannot wait to see them again next week at Coachella!

@kerryllk: A voice of an angel. Cults at horseshoe.

@quietculturemed: Tonight, I'm at living in a 1950's prom night. Watching Cults live with @elleflaneur!

@imacgill: I probably tweeted this last summer...but I will say it again. Oh My God Cults were fucking good!!!

@kelzor: When Cults says "Thank you. We have 2 more songs," they mean it.

@quietculturemed: Cults: That was a really short headlining set (30 minutes). But what a beautiful sound they have.

Here's their first single:

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cults - You Know What I Mean

New single from indie darlings The Cults. They play the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto tomorrow evening.


Joy Formidable / The Lonely Forest Horseshoe Tavern Toronto April 2, 2011

@_CBB_: who to see tonight ? - Here We Go Magic , The Joy Formidable , The Raveonettes , Crystal Castles .. #toomanyconcertsonlyoneofme

Definately a good point by Chris. Saturday was a very busy night.

@barbarasedun: I think the joy formidable is playing the horseshoe tonight. you should go.

Okay, good advice Barbara. I ended up going to the Joy Formidable show and was not disappointed. Fantastic show. I've never seen a drummer work so hard. This band from North Wales is going to be big. Unfortunately I missed openers The Lonely Forest as I was with my Pizza Tasting club taking in Queen Margherita pizza on Queen East. Best hot sauce I have ever tasted and Yelp review to follow on this cool but very busy place. But back to the show. Here's what they said:

The Lonely Forest (Band 1)

@FoxxyWino: Lonely forest at #horseshoetavern with @MuppetMayhem. Awesome band!!

Joy Formidable (Band 2)

@IKvsDK: Some guy is mauling his girlfriend at the joy formidable concert. I'm quite impressed that she is putting up with all the petting.

@IKvsDK: Is joy formidable only going to play one song? Epic starting track that sounded like the encore.

@JeffMix: at Joy Formidable playing the Horseshoe Tavern - rocking!

@IKvsDK: Joy formidable just elevated the temperature in the horseshoe to 1000 degrees.

@T_Rev66: @cc_mackay and the Joy Formidable rocked the Horseshoe

Check out the video for their latest single off their album the Big Roar called Whirring


Raveonettes / Tamaryn Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto April 2, 2011

Tamaryn (Band 1)

@itsbooyeah: Tamaryn's playing a really dull, forgetable set. Bring on the Danish!!

@SurlyP: At the Phoenix for #Tamaryn and #TheRaveonettes . Awesome show so far! Raveonettes going on next :D

Raveonettes (Band 2)

@HawleyDunbar: Wow it's kinda dead at the raveonettes. Especially for a Saturday....

@tristanbanning: Wow. This Raveonettes show is super deadsville... May bounce early and head to Crystal Castles.

@HawleyDunbar: Sad to be missing @LCDSoundsystem's live stream but The Raveonettes are killing it!

@tristanbanning: I'm watching the Raveonettes... Meh. I wish I was watching the live stream of LCD at MSG.

@HawleyDunbar: Sharin of the Raveonettes is wearing this cute little black dress with messy gold lame polka dots. #rockchic

@cnetterfield: Nice that even at a Raveonettes show theres still some guy who'll yell for Freebird.

@FastRomantics: We saw raveonettes tonight. Raveonettes are sweet pure good.

@raymitheminx: friends came back from raveonettes. consensus: too loud, but beautiful light show. if they were a kilometer back it would have been fine.

Here is the video for the first single Recharge and Revolt taken from their brand new 2011 album Raven In The Grave


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wire / Weekend Lee's Palace Toronto April 1, 2011

Old people obviously don't Twitter. Nobody tweeted about this concert at all so all I can do is leave you with a classic video of one of their classic songs. Wire's first album Pink Flag came out in 1977 and they just released their new album Red Barked Tree this year (2011).


Jupiter - Saké

Funky parisien track from Jupiter. Saturday Night, feelin alright.


Miami Horror / DVAS Mod Club Toronto April 1, 2011

This is what they said:

DVAS (Band 1)

@panicmanual: 12:05 and the opener DVAS comes on. hmmm. late night approaching

@WyteNight: #DVAS opening for #MiamiHorror and they're blowing my mind. Holy shit!

Miami Horror (Band 2)

By the sounds of it someone died at the Miami Horror concert last night. This is what they said:

@aaronmiao: At Mod for some Miami Horror and @jonathancran spinning. Dancey

@kavancleary: At the Miami Horror show for two seconds and someone already tried to sell me drugs haha silly drug dealers! Dancing time!

@liztrinnear: Dancing my feet off at MOD for Miami Horror. Holy batman this group/ dj band is awesome!

@KaeTeaYo: @miami_horror killing it at mod club. #sweet

@lokin8: Miami Horror killing it @ the Mod Club

@DjRouge: Just watched someone use an ipad2 to shoot the Miami Horror show. Looks really dumb actually.

@livbo: Miami horror in the house #mod

@mlvn: Miami Horror. Mod Club. Thats all you need to know. Oh, and right now. Thanks to @koraline.

@Condonna: Miami horror is killing it @TeddyLarsenTO @MissKitty81 @miss_perrotta.# DKTO #embracetoronto

@DJnormanbates: Miami Horror killed the #ModClub tonight!!! Cutting rugs with @WyteNight and @steamboatopera

@_grace317: Miami horror totally killed it at the mod club!!

Video: Sometimes taken from the steller album Illumination

Friday, April 1, 2011

Kanye West - All Of The Lights

Kanye with another anthem featuring Rihanna. Gold!


Destroyer / War On Drugs / Mantler Lee's Palace, Toronto March 31, 2011

Great night at Lee's Palace with Destroyer and this is what people said (not much said about the opening bands but lots of people had something to say about Destroyer):

Band 1: Mantler

@Meeshkee: Going to see Mantler, War on Drugs and Destroyer tonight at Lee's Palace with @cpenney416 . May struggle staying awake past 11 but worth it.

Band 2: War On Drugs

@rcjennings: War on Drugs lead singer to sound tech about his mic: Put some fucking sauce on it!!! #warondrugs #destroyer #leespalace

@eveninghymns: War on drugs and destroyer!

Band 3: Destroyer

@rcjennings: #Destroyer - opening tune: Chinatown

@IKvsDK: Being destroyed by destroyer #leespalace

@kevinfhurley: Wow...Destroyer owned it tonight at #LeesPalace

@FrostBiteBoy: Is is good luck if @deadchildstar steps on my foot in a bar?? #Destroyer #LeesPalace

@frakintosh: hoping that @deadchildstar and @canningb and whoever the fuck else is so lucky is having a great night at the destroyer show in 416. jealous (IKVSDK comment ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ)

@ischuk: 3/3 Mr. Bejar. I have yet to see a Destroyer show that didn't blow me away.

@brian3d: Peaced out early but Destroyer was super awesome, super saxy. Photos will be soon posted on the singinglamb.

@whitewhaler: @destroyer. Destroyer is blowing my mind at lee's palace.. ! Me and @octoberman

@annetdonahue: Thinking that if you need the lyric sheet, you may want to rethink including the song. #Destroyer

@mwjoffe: If your band can remember the music you don't need the lyrics. Otherwise brilliant show. #destroyer

@annetdonahue: You haven't seen much until you've seen people try and dance to Destroyer.

@charisegarcia: Why is everyone here so mellow, @mindycummings and @laurenannebaker??? #destroyer

@annetdonahue: Destroyer = chilled the eff out. Dude to my left = not so much. #superfan

@angelahickman: There are a lot of awkward moustaches at this Destroyer show...