Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SebastiAn - Embody (Hype 013)

I wanted to wait for Saturday to post this. No Luck! Amazing video for a funky track taken from the album Total out soon on Ed Banger Records from French outfit Sebastian.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awtiZEiiAE8

Monday, May 30, 2011

Black Lips Go Out and Get It (Hype 012)

Fun rock n roll on the beach from the Black Lips taken from their 6th album Arabia Mountain which will be released in June.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqpkT2lGNW4

Glasvegas and Magneta Lane Lee's Palace Toronto May 29, 2011 (with Set List)

Glasvegas was in Toronto last night for a sold out show at Lee's Palace touring to support their new album Euphoric ///Heartbreak\\\. Canadian Band Magneta Lane opened up. Here's what the crowd had to say:

Magneta Lane

@polarfixation: The Magneta Lane bassist looks waaay too bored to be opening for the amazing Glasvegas.


@ccath: My second time seeing @glasvegas and I've had to wear my wellies to both shows. They bring the storms with them, I guess.

@juliaCmakeup: Getting psyched for Glasvegas tonight @Lees_Palace!! Gonna be happenin!

@MattBorrelli: Going to Lees Palace tonight with @kyleincanada to check out the euphoric sounds of @Glasvegas #ilovemusic

@DHWizzo: I've got two tickets to #Glasvegas tonight in #Toronto I can't use if anyone is interested. (IKDK: Hopefully those tickets didn't go to waste)

@polarfixation: Hells yes, my sister just scored us the best seats in the house at the @glasvegas show.

@girlsarentfunny: Made it to lee's before glasvegas is about to take the stage. Seems like a rather older chilled out crowd here tonight.

@abonora: Patiently waiting for @glasvegas to hit the stage!! #glasvegas #leespalace

@jdags87: Glasvegas tonight!!!! Here we fucking go!!!!!!!

@NeechyPoo: Patiently waiting for glasvegas to take the stage #excited!!! (IKDK: Didn't @abonora just say that?)

@philwarder: Soaking up the Glasvegas atmosphere.

@tonyszambor: Sunday night is the new....glasvegas at lee's....here we..here we...here we f**king go!! (IKDK: What?)

@parkdale: Glasvegas @ Lee's. Stadium rock in da club.

@amoore11: Just the prescription talking @glasvegas

@polarfixation: Wowowowow @glasvegas, just, wow.

@_Miss_Demeanor: Dear Glasvegas drummer, I take back what I said about you last time. You have gotten much, much better, and I dig the kicky bowtie

@_Miss_Demeanor: The sheer volume of Scottish accents I heard at Glasvegas tonight gives me high hopes for the Irish turnout at The Script on Tuesday. <3

@dawnabelles: The next trend in music: drummers that play standing up (and happen to be a woman wearing a bowtie). #glasvegas

@delineated: Great @Glasvegas show!

@suze20TO: Amazing show by @glasvegas though surprised that mosh pit wasn't moshing...would have been down there had I known. (IKDK: When do people mosh at shows anymore?)

@polarfixation: Really hope someone took some video of @glasvegas tonight. Everything about the show was so epic.

Here's the video for the single Euphoria, Take My Hand: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6Yosqms1nM

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Anna Calvi and Cuckoo Chaos El Mocambo Toronto May 27, 2011

Anna Calvi was at the El Mocambo in Toronto this weekend for a show. She was touring her Domino Records album. Her second single Desire drops on June 20th as a 7 Inch/Digital Download. Cuckoo Chaos opened the show. Here is what people said about the show:

Cuckoo Chaos

@CuckooChaos: Here we come Canada!

@danielafalala: Watching @CuckooChaos open for Anna Calvi @ the El Mocambo in Toronto...freakin fantastic boys!

Anna Calvi

@kurpita: Back @ El Mocambo, last spotted here for the folksy Karen Elson, now for the less ingenue Anna Calvi, songstress on the edge.

k@urpita: Although in the heart of student country for the Anna Calvi concert, the good crowd averaging older, so prolly a less raucous crowd than Sat

@winiw: Can't believe Anna Calvi doesn't go on stage until 11:45. Gonna go kill time at the bar next door. (IKDK: Why not watch the opening band to kill time?)

@melodylamb: Anyone at Anna Calvi tonight? Set times? Won't get there till 11-something and I don't want to miss out! #help #toronto (IKDK: well you have missed out on the opening band)

@melodylamb: At the El Mo for Anna Calvi right now. Girl knows how to rock a guitar.

@kurpita: A menagerie of percussion, a mass of perspiration, the small band for Anna Calvi @ El Mocambo

@kurpita: The thumping voice, the insouciant snarl, certainly not diminutive, Anna Calvi @ El Mocambo

@kurpita: Anna Calvi, a true throwback, the guitar as the instrument, echoes of a bygone age, an age of Duane Eddy, a maestro, not a trite comparison

@liphiliphil: Anna Calvi was... Wow.

@sara_rochelle: Just saw Anna Calvi...amazing! Such an awesome voice and mad guitar skills.

CockNBullKid - Asthma Attack (Hype 011)

IKDK favourite CockNBullKid is back with a new single. Nice soulful indie track. This is taken from the album Adulthood off of Island Records. Supposedly this is the third single off the album. Not sure how we missed the first two.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toOV8Ui2ddI

Friday, May 27, 2011

Blouse - Shadow (Hype 09)

Another Dark melodic single from Blouse but this time they jump from Captured Tracks to Subpop. 7 Inch is out at the end of the month.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Da3VHhpYCvs

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seapony - Dreaming (Hype 07)

Wonderful dreamy twee music from Seapony. First single from this Seattle band on the very hip Double Denim Records label. Full length album Go With Me is out at the end of the month on Subpop Records

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UjG45yORyQ

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Junior Boys - Banana Ripple (Hype 06)

Great new funky and fun track from electro indie act the Junior Boys taken from their new album It's All True which is out in June. The Junior Boys are at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto on June 9, 2011.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The One AM Radio - Credible Threats (Hype 05)

Low key buzz track from One AM Radio off their new album Heaven Is Attached by a Slender Thread out now on Dangerbird Records.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuIBIIiYxJQ

Also of note is a cool Remix by indie hipsters Saint Etienne who of remix the track An Old Photo of Your New Lover available here for free: Spinner Canada

Lykke Li / Grimes Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto May, 22, 2011 and Set List

Sunday night of a long weekend and Lykke Li has sold out a show at the Phoenix Concert Theatre. Canadian Grimes is opening up the show. This is what people said:


@michael_uu: So Grimes is opening for lykke li. Think a more ghetto version of Robyn. (bonus points for being Canadian)

@leerichardson: At phoenix for lykke li w @LeeC, opener is ambient enough for being on Twitter during. Everyone else here is talking anyway. (IKDK: Shhhh...stop talking and tweeting during Grimes)

@MsAmandaLouise: Wow - grimes (the opener) is AMAZING! (IKDK: Yes she is)

@themehekshow: Grimes sounds like The xx on E. wickeddd production but I have no idea what she's saying

@int_ro: Just fell in love with Grimes.. Check her out

@LorettaChin: With @venoit watching Opening act #Grimes. A pretty great start to the main event #Lykke Li

@cezanneab: Made it in time to Lykke Li in time to catch the end of the opening act... A little to girl w/GarageBand for me but meh #judgy

@StabbyCupcake: Generic electronic dance with sweet baby voice opening for Lykke Li. She's kinda like Lykke and kinda like Lights #practiceinthemirrormore (IKDK: Ouch! alittle harsh?)

@cezanneab: RT @StabbyCupcake: Generic electronic dance with sweet baby voice opening for Lykke Li. She's kinda like Lykke and kinda like Lights #practiceinthemirrormore (IKDK: I just found StabbyCupcake's best friend)

@ashleyviolaraye: Opening act = HUGE wtf?
@ashleyviolaraye:.....Definitely an alien (IKDK: Actually she is Canadian)
@ashleyviolaraye:SHE'S NOT EVEN SPEAKING ENGLISH (IKDK: Maybe she is speaking french; she is from Montreal)
@ashleyviolaraye: I'm so scared.... (IKDK: You are scaring us)
@ashleyviolaraye: "Is she the Swedish Rebecca Black?" - @audreybettina (IKDK: As we said, she is Canadian)
@ashleyviolaraye: Well, I guess she wasn't THAT bad...(IKDK: Superfan in two months time guaranteed)

@iSuspectNargles: I do not understand what I just saw but...yay Lykke Li. (IKDK: You saw Grimes)

@melodylamb: Just had the loveliest chat with Grimes! Now get on stage, Lykke Li!

Lykke Li

@melodylamb: Girls beside me debating the pronunciation of Lykke Li's name. I can only imagine how many of those conversations are taking place here.

@paul_legomski: Bring on Lykke Li gdammit!

@MasiMass: I'm so geeked about lykke li I have butterflies!

@xocarolime: At the Phoenix waiting till Lykke Li takes the stage! Any minute now?

@cezanneab: Set list from past shows seem Lykke Li skips songs from Youth Novels - but pretty awesome new album so... Just want Sadness is a Blessing!

@ashleyviolaraye: HURRY THE F UP, LYKKE LI (IKDK: Wow, very angry Lykke fan)

@ashleyviolaraye: Its been like an hour waiting for Lykke Li to start her goddamn set. I'm not even stoked anymore. I just want some root beer. (IKDK: we love root beer; Patience is a virtue also)

@melodylamb: Lykke Li hasn't even started singing and I love it. #smokemachine #crazylights

@michael_uu: So um, fist pumping at Lykke Li ? For reals? #wrongconcertbuddy

@itsbooyeah: Lykke Li opens her set with the beautiful Jerome, off her latest album Wounded Rhymes.

@erinAskewed: Crushing on Lykke Li right now! Dance dance dance! #Phoenix

@LorettaChin: Anti-fashion fashion is the mode at #Lykke Li for both boys and girls!

@danaherlihey: Lykke Li covering The Big Pink (right meow) #lykkelitoronto

@LouderThanThat: Lykke Li covering The Big Pink.. Of Lykke u so indie lol

@HawleyDunbar: Friggin super packed at Lykke Li. People are drunk too. Show is amazing though

@mandrs: Shooting Lykke Li went a little like this. At the Phoenix. With a barrier. 3 photogs in the pit. Lighting too bright for ISO 1000. Amazing.

@LeeC: I think I'm a little bit in love with Lykke Li, just a little bit. Amazing live show!

@smacdownnn: Guys, calm down! Raging at Lykke Li is rad but fuck! Do you need to assault my ass so many times? (IKDK: What???)

@rinabang: Lykke Li has been drinking Jim Morrisson and Stevie Nicks juice, daily... Or so it would seem. (IKDK: What???)

@caughtintheflow: Lykke Li you are even more amazing in person. Great show in #toronto

@cezanneab: Flirted my way to a set list! Thanks boobs and manners! :) Lykke Li

@the_ok_kid: Bigger fan now that I&apos;ve seen her kill it live! RT @caughtintheflow: Lykke Li you are even more amazing in person. Great show in #toronto

@LuciaOrlandi: Fucking amazing. Lykke Li put on a spectaluar show. So good.

@dixiegong: Lykke Li - what a dream.

Here is the Lykke Li Set list:

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Cars at the Sound Academy, Toronto May 20th 2011

Summer ... Turns me upside down.

Got out of work a little early on a beautiful friday to check out a new old act called The Cars. Headed down to the Sound Academy nee the Docks on public transit; perhaps a little incongrous with the spirit of "The Cars", a band from a different era.

The Cars debuted their self-titled album back in 1978 with producer Roy Thomas Baker (who had produced this little number a few years earlier). Their first album was a monster with great songwriting from Ric Ocasek (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Benjamin Orr (vocals, bass). It was arguably their best album until they switched producers (to Mutt Lange) for their 1984 hit album Heartbeat City. The band stopped releasing anything by the late 80s and sadly Benjamin Orr died in 2000.

Met up with Josh, his hombre Andrew and his fine lady at the Keating Channel pub, which scored some decent reviews on Yelp. Nice patio, close to a quiet stretch of brownish water, presumably the Keating Channel. A few small trees lined the patio with a bird-feeder distracting the resident red-wing blackbird.

The pub crowd was comprised mostly of concert-goers which validated Josh's prediction that we would be the youngest ones at this event. The demographic seemed to be mid 40s and up. Some of the patrons were clearly enjoying a "night out"; one which would get them back to the homefront by 11 due to the absence of an opening act. This is what happens when a band drops out of the game in the late 80s - no younger fans.

I had the curry chicken nachos which proved to me that two kinds of spicy - salsa and curry - can coexist amicably. Josh is contemplating the End of the World until he's distracted by a blonde in a viagra-blue mini skirt. Andrew and Co. arrive late and the food order gets delayed. We decide to head over for 8pm just in case.

The Sound Academy is filling up, a limited selection of Cars merch at the back. Managed to pick out this gem from the pre-gig music: the theme from taxi driver.

The crowd is showing its age. One fellow has his 2011 tour shirt hastily pulled over his sagging senior district manager body. Another matronly figure clears a spot on the floor for her and her husband, sans drink, clutching her General Audience ticket.

"This is life after 40" Josh laments. I glance up at the VIP lounge; definitely a better view of the stage but wonder if it's worth it.

It's 8:25, the lights dim and show starts with Let the Good Times Roll. Yes, it's the Cars. Ric Ocasek is as recognizable a figure as any from the 80s with black spiky hair, rigid posture and that sweet red and black Gibson SG. Elliot Easton takes the other wing with a white Gibson SG. Greg Hawkes starts out on the keyboards but would rotate out to cover bass duties for other songs.

Unfortunately, the sound in this venue leaves something to be desired. The levels are off particularly Ocasek's mic which is too quiet. There is no feedback throughout the concert, however the overall volume just doesn't impress.

Easton rips off the first lead guitar solo and the audience actually applauds. Somewhat old school.

Sure enough, Blue Tip makes it into the opening set just to underscore this isn't a reunion tour but a tour to plug their latest album Move Like This.

The crowd seems to be into it and they peel off My Best Friend's Girl to much delight before heading into another track off their latest album.

Ocasek gives a brief but classy tribute to Orr before lauching into Touch and Go. Josh is happy.

By the second half, I'm peering over the shoulder of a guy that looked like former WWE wrestler Tatanka who is shuffling side to side blocking the view of as many people as possible. If only the Macho Man were around (RIP), he'd handle that scene.

Elliot Easton was fantastic and fortunately his guitar sound made it through the muddled acoustics. Greg Hawkes was absolutely amazing managing both keyboards and bass and providing a nice bouncing counterpoint to Ocasek's stoic strumming.

A risky choice was I'm Not the One - a very nice but slow ballad which had a few ADD people glancing towards their cellphones. They followed this up with Sad Song. But the Cars know their audience.

Josh and I start to count all the hits they still have left wondering if they have time to squeeze them all in. We count five great tracks they could finish with.

They go off for a 5-minute break before returning with the encore - Moving in Stereo. Andrew is happy. I liked the visuals for this which had a close up panning loop of the top row of a keyboard.

Two more songs completed the encore and The Cars left the stage.

The house lights don't come on but we hear Johnny Cash on the PA system. I'm catatonic.

No Drive ....

No Shake It Up ....

No Magic ....

Heartbreak city.

Ok, we can forgive Drive - this was an Orr signature song. But I've got to say I was absolutely gutted they didn't play Magic. Hopefully they'll play it somewhere else on the tour and someone can post a clip.

Set List (credit: Andrew)

Let the Good Times Roll
Blue Tip
Since You're Gone
Up and Down
My Best Friend's Girl
Hits Me
Touch and Go
I'm in Touch With Your World
Keep On Knocking
You Might Think
Drag On Forever
I'm Not the One
Sad Song
Heartbeat City
Let's Go
Moving In Stereo
Just What I Needed
You're All I've Got Tonight

Esben And The Witch - Eumenides (Mogwai Remix) (Hype 04)

Gothic etherial sounding track from Esben and the Witch reworked at the hand of Mogwai. Dangerous! Taken from the Chorea EP on Matador Records.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-HKiIyE7VE

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tim & Jean - I Can Show You (Hype 02)

Funky feel good summer track from Australians Tim And Jean called I Can Show You taken from their first album Like What.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWY_AIWODrI

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Cars - Sad Song

Here is another new song from New Wave outfit The Cars who are in Toronto tomorrow night at The Sound Academy. The track is taken from their new album Move Like This which is their first album in 14 years.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxqxNzlEFM4

We featured their first single Blue Tip off the new album also on March 26: http://ikdk.blogspot.com/2011/03/cars-blue-tip.html


EP: Sarah Nixey of Black Box Recorder fame released a new EP this month called Brave Tin Soldiers which features the following:
  1. Brave Tin Soldiers
  2. Brave Tin Soldiers meet Kids Love
  3. Brave Tin Soldiers (dadahack beats and love re-rub)
Details at http://sarahnixey.com/

Album: Sarah Nixey of Black Box Recorder fame released a new album this month also called Brave Tin Soldiers.

Details at http://sarahnixey.com/

Album: Cerys Matthews of Catatonia fame released a new album this month called Explorer. It features the first single Sweet Magnolia which does have a video on youtube: Youtube Video

Details at http://www.cerysmatthews.co.uk/

First Single: Ladytron release their first single White Elephant from their forthcoming new album Gravity The Seducer

Details at http://www.ladytron.com

Reissues: Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds reissue 4 more albums as phase three of their collectors editions roll out. Included are the albums Let Love In, Murder Ballads, The Boatman's Call, No More Shall We Part. All albums are packaged with one CD and one DVD.

Details at http://www.nickcaveandthebadseeds.com

Soft Metals - Psychic Driving (Hype 01)

Great Downtempo synth track by Soft Metals taken from their self-titled release that comes out on July 19th (Captured Tracks LP/Digital).

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6dJ2Yuts6w

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Whats New: Indie Kid Vs Dance Kid

It's hard to believe it's been 3 1/2 years since the beginning of Indie Kid Vs Dance Kid. The site has evolved into something bigger than I imagined and we continue to grow. Starting in the next week we will add two new features to the page:
  • 1. Hype Track of The Day
  • 2. News
The Hype track of the Day is really just a continuation of us posting a song a day but we will give each track identified a catalog number.

The News feature will be a sporadic listing of cool music things we have heard of or have come across.

Also, we will finally get our own web address making it easier to get to our site.

Thanks for reading.

Tuco, Dunstan, and Josh at IKDK

CSS and Sleigh Bells Sound Academy Toronto May 17, 2011

Cold Wet night in Toronto and Sleigh Bells and CSS set out to conquer the dreaded Sound Academy in downtown Toronto. Data Romance (Vancouver) and Princeton (US) opened up the show. Here's what people said about the sold out show:

Data Romance

@Miss_Jo_Vos @WoodandWires they were first up. done and done... Wishing they would've cut princeoton's set so DR could have played longer. (IKDK: The only related comment we could find on the Canadian band from last night)


There was some varying opinion on this next band and if they really fit the bill. In the end I think they won over some new fans:

@QueenWestStyle Princeton the band is amazing!!!

@Miss_Jo_Vos @WoodandWires they were first up. done and done... Wishing they would've cut princeoton's set so DR could have played longer.

@Miss_Jo_Vos @emilyjeanwhalen sound sans epic, let's just leave it at that. #Princeton

@Miss_Jo_Vos Wow. Princeton sucks. (IKDK: I don't think she liked Princeton)

@melodylamb: Okay, this opening band isn't bad but what the hell are they doing opening for Sleigh Bells/CSS? #wrongpairing (IKDK: I think Miss Jo Vos would agree)

@melodylamb @princetonmusic Great set tonight in Toronto! Coming back anytime soon?

Sleigh Bells

@crashstatus: I have absolutely no idea why CSS are headlining over Sleigh Bells.

@TJ_Muckle: Interesting, Sleigh Bells on before CSS tonight...at least I get to go to bed earlier now

(IKDK are huge fans of both bands so were quite surprised at the Sleigh Bells backlash towards CSS. Our understanding was this was a co-headlining tour. Some Sleigh Bells fans didn't agree)

@HawleyDunbar: Sleigh bells and CSS!!! memories of #coachella (@ Sound Academy w/ @crystalgibson)

@NathanPlastic: Crowd at the Sound Academy looks so wholesome/hip/harmless; not expecting a very crazy moshpit. #sleighbells #CSS  (IKDK: People still mosh?)

@marla_hooch: At the Sleigh Bells show with @sgt_terrible, where they're selling deep fried pickles. Sooo tempted to get some right now.

@jacquelinesaik: Sleigh Bells soooooonn bitches @ Sound Academy

@itunescanada: Ready for Sleigh Bells to take the stage. Judging by the number of amps on stage it's going to be loud.

@kevgordon: That's a lot of amps for Sleigh Bells http://t.co/V7hlcnn

@min_o: Wow room to dance + 19+ crowd at the Docks. Sleigh Bells & CSS!!!

@stoposcillate: at sleigh bells & css with @jayymah! let the sloppy dancing begin!!

@mwjoffe: Sleigh Bells taking a page out of KISS' book, decorating the stage with unused speakers. Looks cool, I'll give em that.

@laurentoyota: What is everyone taking pictures of at the Sleigh Bells show!? A cloud of smoke and laser beams #soundcloud

@melodylamb: Question of the night: is Sleigh Bells going to be as impressive a second time around?

@jacquelinesaik: Fucking sleigh bells @ Sound Academy http://instagr.am/p/EYXBw/

@ristiensummrs: Sleigh Bells? Not sure can't see through all the fog http://yfrog.com/hsos6vqj

@mwjoffe: Dear Sleigh Bells: a little shadow = mysterious. The entire set = really? What are you hiding from?

@greggterrence: The sound @soundacademy sucks. Either that or Sleigh Bells sucks. I'll know for sure once CSS takes the stage. (IKDK: it's probably Sound Academy Gregg)

@melodylamb Not even earplugs can save your eardrums here. (IKDK: must be all the speakers)

@melodylamb Remember when Sleigh Bells were charming and fun? #pleasestopplaying

@LizzzBlizzzz: The lead singer is wearing his band's shirt - lame, but not as lame as alexis from sleigh bells wearing the jersey every night

@iheathen: Sleigh Bells sounding pretty intense at sound academy tonight!

@arianneglavina: Sleigh bells opened with Iron Man they are my new fave band omfg (IKDK: omfg=Oh My Fucking God)

@punkstrife: I may be gay, but I think I'm I love with a girl. Sleigh bells just kicked my ass. (IKDK: Chasing Alexis)

@drunkgirlcomics: Woo Sleigh Bells killed it @soundacademy !

@mrs_the_monarch: Sleigh Bells - so fucking awesome. Please someone tell me you recorded the intro/first song http://t.co/ekomxgy

@fistf**k4: Sleigh Bells crowd. You're all fucking losers. Shame on you for the lack of enthusiasm you showed them. Stay at fucking home you ...... (IKDK: hmmmmm....I don't think this guy was enjoying himself)

@WoodandWires: If Sleigh Bells' sets got any shorter, people would be asking for refunds.

@jacquelinesaik: Sleigh Bells. See them live. It'll make your life better. @ Sound Academy http://instagr.am/p/EYbYo/

@jaredsales: Sleigh Bells killed it at Sound Academy. (IKDK: drunkgirlcomics just said that)

@_chialike: Under the influence of a million different things. Sleigh bells was fucking glorious l songoodddd  (IKDK: What?)

@adambullied: Danced it up at the Sleigh Bells show! Now home to get some work done!

@turntablescraps: Sound Academy for Sleigh Bells/CSS. everyone here has snakebites... I feel like an old man and I'm 23 tomorrow #welp

@kushane: Sleigh bells r pretty sweet.

@kushane: Also I believe I'm in love with the girl from sleigh bells

@jarira: How much of a live Sleigh Bells set is actually live? Either way, I'm fucking deaf right now

@taylorivers: Alexis from sleigh bells held both hands with me, grabbed my head, took off my hat, I lifted her onto the crowd. BEST. I LOVE SLEIGH BELLS.

@NothingButNebi: Sleigh bells was sooo intense! Raged a little bit but I got my jersey! :D


@greggterrence: Wow. Place half emptied after #sleighbells. CSS is a far more mature band, they are missing out. (IKDK: Definately missing out!!!)

@drunkgirlcomics: Why is everyone leaving before CSS?! (IKDK: Good question!!)

@LEOPINDAR: Front row @SoundAcademy for CSS. Good opening act We Dare To Romance. Too bad they didn't get to play a last song. (IKDK: close; thats Data Romance)

@LEOPINDAR: Def Leppard - Animal playing before CSS takes the stage. AWESOME!

@mwjoffe: At the sound academy for CSS. I am loving the smaller half venue setup.

@FreddyEnriquez: Great set by Sleigh Bells! Looking forward to CSS! @LindsayKSinger @joyghosh

@raymitheminx: Watching retards like zombies in dawn of the dead from biz meazzanine

@soundacademy @sleighbells waiting for css pumped

@fredmoesker: Hanging w/ the kids... For CSS

@a_hooch: CSS has the same hair as me! I don't know her name so I'm just gonna call her CSS.

@raymitheminx: Aaaaaaamazzzzzing css! @soundacademy wowwwow loud aghhhhh http://twitpic.com/4z3l9h

@michaelkim: Sweet, Lead singer of CSS has a Ratatat Tshirt on tonight. Saw them open for Daft Punk back in 2007? She screaming take off your pants!!!

@HawleyDunbar: Lead singer of CSS is rocking a Ratatat shirt. She probably got it at #coachella hahha

@raymitheminx: RT @drunkgirlcomics: Love loving CSS @soundacademy with the Lady Minx @raymitheminx !

@drunkgirlcomics: CSS headexplode! Thx @raymitheminx !

@ConstanceChan: CSS just played omg my heart exploded http://twitpic.com/4z42g1

@greggterrence: OK. I thought CSS was far more pro and evolved than Sleigh Bells, but they weren't amazing. Solid, but the sound @soundacademy was horrible.

@denisepinto: Just got back from Sleigh Bells. So good, so sweaty, bones are ringing. http://bit.ly/bExICJ (expand) CSS' Lovefoxxx was super cute also!

@jacquelinesaik: I felt undrunk dancing to Sleigh Bells & CCS. But walking around and sitting, I feel more drink then I have in a whiles. #deceptiveece

@melodylamb There are no words to describe how disappointed and pissed off I am at tonight's show. No words. #mustwritereviewthough

@rob_duffy: @melodylamb That makes a lot of sense. CSS were a big time flash in the pan. And Sleigh Bells? Who cares.

Well lets leave you with some videos:

Data Romance - Bones Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mK7luDdi_n8

Princeton - Calypso Gold: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsXPbMke19M

Sleigh Bells - Kids: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bcLWZY7kAQ

CSS - Alala: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cnOvMFnRvs

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cibo Matto's Revenge - Yeah Basically

Maybe not revenge but there is excitement in the air as Cibo Matto have reformed. They are on a tour witch will bring them through Toronto on July 16, 2011 at the Mod Club. Their first album released in 1996 Viva! La Woman was essential downtempo pop. The band had originally broken up in 2001 indicating that it was time. Check out the promotional video for the tour with a sneek peak at a new track.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZs_BPg2xqM

Also check out the track Sugar Water (from Viva! La Woman); Unfortunately Warner Music won't let me embed so please click on link for Youtube Video.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EN9auBn6Jys

Echo and The Bunnymen Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto May 16, 2011

Echo seem to love Toronto as they seem return for annual apperance every year. This time around they continue to embrace the full album tour concept and this time around they were to perform Heaven Up Here and Crocodiles in their entirety. Recently, they were in Toronto doing Ocean Rain in its entirety.

Kelley Stoltz

Kelley Stoltz was the opener tonight but there didn't seem to be any tweeting going on about Kelley. Even the Official Echo and the Bunnymen twitter account couldn't even spell his name correct:

@OfficialEATB: hey ! has anyone caught Kelly Stoltz on tour with us ? If so, are you liking him ?

In addition the only tweet I could find for Kelley was from a concert the night before from @danieldantastic in response to the above tweet:
@danieldantastic: @OfficialEATB Kelly Stoltz was painfully bad.

Kelley , an american musician, has actually released a number of albums over the years including three recently on Subpop Records. I've included a video at the end to let me know what you think.
Echo And The Bunnymen
Here's what the twitter crowd said about the Bunnymen show tonight:
@drunkgirlcomics: Old goth girl sightings galore. Yep, on my way to the Echo and the Bunnymen show!

@Notashopaholic: Echo and the Bunnymen are performing at the Phoenix tonight? I still love their song "Echo Beach". #80sMusic (IKDK: unfortunately I'm thinking you are thinking of Martha And The Muffins; glad you didn't buy tickets)
@Notashopaholic: @RubeneDS Now I'm thinking I don't know who Echo and the Bunnymen are. I swear I always thought they sang that song. (IKDK: good, someone let her know)
@thegoldenyear: Dropped bro off at The Phoenix for Echo & The Bunnymen. His 8th time beats my 7 Bowies. Considered kneecapping him but opted for equanimity. (IKDK: we would have taken his ticket)
@drunkgirlcomics: Do you think there will be a fog machine at Echo and the Bunnymen? Placing bets!

@TonyclementCPC: Echo+Bunnymen are playing "Crocodiles" in its entirety, then will transition into a mix of tracks... (IKDK: Love it when a member of parliament, minister of industry, is giving us the rundown, if right it looks like we won't get Heaven Up Here in its entirety).

@JessicaCapo: Let's Echo Echo! Echo & The Bunnymen take the stage at The Phoenix!

@lawrbaby: @rssto06. wow. So deep. I am at echo and the bunnymen!

IKDK: Then Twitter went dead.....literally I think.....for two hours. I would like to think everyone was mesmorized by the show but I think this was an actual twitter outage. Wait we are back......

@smiller_mtb: Echo & Bunnymen are rocking it out! set 1 done - whole Crocodile album. Now set 2...

@nd set also amazing. 1encore down - the cutter! 2nd encore here we go!!!
@drunkgirlcomics Everyone in the washroom is talking about what a yawn Echo and the Bunnymen are. YAWN. (IKDK: I seem to think the same thing everytime I see them too.)

@_SarahJustine_: Echo and the Bunnymen!!! Awesome show!

@terrylusk: was just assaulted by Echo + the Bunnymen. Over 2 hours and 28 songs of Liverpudlian awesomeness.

Echo - A Promise


Kelley Stoltz video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vpb0TQe2xps

Upcoming Concerts as of May 16, 2011

Here's the monthly list of some really good shows coming through Toronto soon:
16 May Echo and The Bunnymen (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
17 May Sleigh Bells / CSS (Sound Academy)
20 May The Cars (Sound Academy)
22 May Lykke Li (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
22 May Crystal Stilts (Sneaky Dee's)
27 May Anna Calvi (El Mocambo)
29 May Radio Dept (Horseshoe Tavern)
29 May Glasvegas / Magneta Lane (Lee's Palace)
30 May Friendly Fires (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
03 June Robyn / Diamond Rings / Natalia Kills (Molson Amphitheatre)
03 June Jonny - First Night (Drake Underground)
04 June Jonny - SecondNight (Drake Underground)
04 June Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance) & Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) (Opera House)
07 June Yeasayer / Smith Westerns (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
09 June Junior Boys / Miracle Fortress / Caribou-DJ Set (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
11 June Gruff Rhys (Horseshoe)

June 13-June 19 NXNE Annual Music Festival

Deerhoof / Dodos (Phoenix Concert Theatre) June 16
Devo (Free)
Digable Planets (Free)
Dirty Beaches
Dum Dum Girls
Julianna Barwick
Men Without Hats (Free)
No Joy
Pharcyde (Free)
Stars (Free)
Twin Shadow
Wild Nothing

23 June Elvis Costello (Sony Centre)
10 July Gang Gang Dance (Horseshoe Tavern)
14 July Cult Of Youth / Cold Cave (Horseshoe Tavern)
17 July Gomez (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
22 July Disappears (Sneaky Dees)
02 August The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (Opera House)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Explosions in the Sky - Trembling Hands

Video: http://youtu.be/5F0QsjIflZw

This is a track from Explosions in the Sky's new Album "Take Care, Take Care, Take Care". I have been an Explosions in the Sky fan for a few years now and I have to say that the band's music is perfect background music for while you are doing pretty much anything. Enjoy!

Bonjay's Suburban Gothic MixTape

Bonjay has always been on fire. Always high energy live throwdowns. And thats what's here. A very thought out flowing dark tribal indie affair of a mixtape. As Bonjay hit the UK, UK free newspaper Stoolpigeon collaborate to offer up this shrouded piece of quality dub angst. Champion!!!!

City Reign - Daybreak

This reminds me alittle of the band nineties band Idlewild. A nice indie track and a great start for this relatively new band out of Manchester signed to Car Boot Records. This is the follow-up single to their debut single released in September called Making Plans.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JOYF2XxQxA

If you like the song you can actually download the two track single here for free:


Sunday, May 15, 2011

DOM - Cat Massage

Some quality funky house music for a Sunday Morning. Not sure why this track is called Cat Massage which is quite the odd name for a track. Maybe DOM is a cat lover?

Cat Massage is taken from the Legume EP and is the second release for DOM on Remote Records. I don't know much about Remote other than they are a digital only label and this is their 6th EP release since 2010.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFimRXvj11o

Indie Kid Vs Dance Kid Popularity : Denmark???

I've always wondered who are readers are. I would have thought that being based out of Canada that we would have alot of Canadian readers or that because we are part of North America that we would have lots of american readers. Can someone explain this? Denmark!!! Here is a breakdown by percentage of our visitors as per Blogger statistics.

Denmark 49%
United States 27%
Canada 12%
United Kingdom 5%
Germany 3%
China 1%
Russia 1%
South Korea 1%
Australia 1%
France 0%
Numbers may not add up due to rounding

So Denmark is at almost 50% of our viewership. Maybe I should be living in Denmark. Our musical taste seem to jive the most.

Here is alittle more on the country of Denmark for the other 51% of our readership:

- Is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe.
- Southern border is Germany (see map below)
- Ranks as having the world's highest level of income equality.
- Denmark has frequently ranked as the happiest and least corrupt country in the world.

Musically Lars Ulrich from Metallica is from Denmark, along with IKDK favourites Raveonettes, Whigfield, and Alphabeat. The 1990s pop band Aqua were also from Denmark. In recent years, the best selling Danish artist abroad supposedly has been Rune RK with the number 1 itunes hit Calabria.

Sounds like I have my next travel destination and thanks to all the people from Denmark who visit the blog on a regular basis.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Steve Mason - All Come Down

Space age pop music from Beta Band guy Steve Mason with a single released this month off his Boys Outside album (Domino Records) Interesting enough this seems to be a reissue of the single which was out on Black Melody Records late in 2009.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CQZEFzHikA

Bomba Estereo Lula Lounge Toronto May 12, 2011

Bomba Estereo was in Toronto last night and unfortunately I missed this show. The challenges of finding (convincing) someone to take in such a out of the norm event. I unfortunately ended up watching the hockey game at Stratengers on Queen Street East. @Mrtunes was nice enough to video some of the concert footage so I could share with all my friends what could have been. Check out his review and video footage here:

@mrtunes footage and review: http://mrtunes.ca/blog/569/bomba-esthereo-sets-the-lula-lounge-on-fire

For a band that has 100,000 facebook followers I wasn't surprised that Lula Lounge was on fire yesterday. The band is touring on the back of a fired up version of Technotronic's Pump Up The Jam which in its own right was a classic. This is what some of the folks in attendance said:

@essabijou: Anticipation is great....waiting for #bomba estereo to hit stage.

@salas_e: Bomba Estereo wait please! I'm at the bus be there soon!

@dinesh_m: Watching Bomba Estereo @lulalounge. Awesome.

@mrtunes: Never seen lula this full before. Here for bomba esthereo

@LucieTic: Bomba estereo is KILLING right now. Waaaaaaaaaaaa! Thank you @dosmundos

@mrtunes: Bomba Esthereo is the Bomba! Such a unique sound with great energy

@mrtunes: Bomba Esthereo Sets the Lula Lounge On Fire

@SimmerDownDjs: Fun times at Lula yesterday! Bomba Estereo was instensual! Great set by @dosmundos - lookin forward to the weekend Bday Jam=> #Toronto

Here is the video of the latest track killing it on my playlist taken from their Ponte Bomb EP out now on Nacionalrecords

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyL8husfEBs

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tune Yards and Buke and Gass Horseshoe Tavern Toronto May 12, 2011

4AD outfit Tune Yards was at the Horseshoe last night with Buke and Gass opening up. Here is what some of the crowd said about the sold out show:

Buke And Gass

@bukeandgass: Buke and Gass offering sound food advice at the LEGENDARY Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto tonight with tUnE-yArDs...

@owenpallett: Watching Buke and Gass with my buds, chugging some bros

@melodylamb: Buke and Gass are on right now at the Shoe! So much goodness.

@mister_nifty: Buke and Gass shaking the Horseshoe stage. Good stuff.

@newtron: I'm at the Horseshoe watching some band named Buke and Gass I think. They're pretty good I guess.

@paulouellette: Buke and Gass: hot gimmick.

@ryanlaf: Ah seriously?! Buke and Gass played the Horsehshoe LAST night?!


@zelnox: ;_; tUnE-YarDs tickets sold out everywhere. None at the door as well.

@jordynmarcellus: Just got the last door ticket for @tune-yards. #sweet

@ZaneMagnus: Worst weird science EVER at the Tune Yards show!!!!!

@owenpallett: No recorded format exists that can contain tUnE-yArDs live show #Best

@newtron: Tune-yards were amazing. I've never seen a Toronto crowd go as nuts for a band as at this show.

@saelantwerdy: DO YOU WANNA LIVE??? #YEEEAAAH!! #tune-yards #thebest

@mister_nifty: Tune-Yards give an amazing live show at the Horseshoe in Toronto.

@amyjweinstein: Unique and soulful evening at the horseshoe. Thanks to the #tUnE-YarDs.

@suckingalemon: hot sweaty tune-yards mess. #fb

@streetcarss: Seeing tUnE-yArDs live gave me even more drive to step my game up. #intense #respect

@dariusbyrne: Tune yards completely killed it last night. If you get a chance to see her live, just do it. You will get schooled. *swoon*

Here is a wild video for the Tune-Yards track Bizness taken from the 4AD release Whokill:

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Miracle Fortress - Raw Spectacle

Well, unfortunately blogger crashed and sent this to Blogger heaven so I'm posting one more time. Great etherial pop track from Montreal outfit Miracle Fortress. The track is taken from their new album Was I The Wave. The band will be sharing a bill with the Junior Boys in Toronto on June 9th at the Phoenix Concert Theatre.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcpxysD4C_Q

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

Friendly Fires - Live Those Days Tonight

First single from XL Recording Artists Friendly Fires from their new album Pala out this month. A feel good tune looking back to the early nineties. Friendly Fires are at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto on May 30, 2011 to promote the new album.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtGbNm4pIkY

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bibio - Willenhall

Having just seen the great documentary on Canadian Peter Gatien, New York club kingpin, I thought I'd go with the old Skool sounding bleep track Willenhall by Bibio released by Warp Records for Record Store Day this year. Nice!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oK7eR61-jgA

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Strange Talk - Climbing Walls

Catchy electropop single from Strange Talk

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jv3N-RLzLQ

The Album Shortlist - May

The Album Shortlist - May (Although Not That Short)

Bobmo – Hardbells / Northside EP
Cults - Abducted 7 Inch
Alela Diane - Alela Diane and Wild Devine
Foster The People - Foster The People EP
Gang Gang Dance - Eye Contact
Generationals - Actor-Caster
Head And The Heart - Head And The Heart
Hercules And Love Affair - My House (Remixes) EP
Robyn Hitchcock - Tromso, Kaptein
I'm From Barcelona - Forever Today
Jeremy Jay - Dream Diary
Lone - Echolocations EP
Malajube - La Caverne
Puressence - Solid State Recital
Purity Ring - Ungirthed 7 Inch
Sharks - The Joys Of Living 2008-2010
Smithereens - 2011
Sophie Ellis Bextor - Make A Scene
Submarines - Love Notes Letter Bombs
Sun Glitters - Cosmic Oceans EP
Thao and Mirah - Thao and Mirah
Young Knives - Ornaments From The Silver Arcade
Waskerley Way - Waterfall
Wolfgang - Dancing With The Devil EP (Lions In Cages)

Reissues and Deluxe Versions

Howard Jones - Action Replay (2xCD)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bomba Estereo - Ponte Bomb

Okay....this track is f**ked but I like it....alittle bit of CSS/Bonde De Role mixed in here. This Beat Is This Beat Is This Beat is Technotronic. Essential.