Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bvdub - Instead I Left You (Hype 042)

Atmospheric anthem like mountain pop from Bvdub clocking in at 11 minutes of chill out time. Sit back. Relax. and forget the world.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CSS feat Bobbie Gillespie of Primal Scream - Hits Me Like A Rock (Hype 041)

Indie hipsters CSS back with a new track featuring a guest appeance by Bobbie from Primal Scream. Nice!


Lloyd Cole Small Ensemble Mod Club Toronto June 27, 2011

Wow. Lloyd Cole concert in my living room. At least thats what it felt like with 75 people tops taking in an intimate 2 set night at the Mod Club in downtown Toronto. Playing with two other gentlemen Lloyd went through a selection of 28 songs spanning his whole career and even including the latest album Broken Record. Here's alittle commentary on the show.

Set 1

1. No Blue Skies (Lloyd Cole)
2. Why I Love Country Music (Easy Pieces)
3. Perfect Skin (Rattlesnakes)
4. Like A Broken Record (Broken Record)

Lloyd comments about being alittle older and then comments that we (the crowd) aren't getting any younger ourselves

5. Don't Look Back (Lloyd Cole)
6. My Other Life (Music In A Foreign Language)
7. Margo's Waltz (Don't Get Weird On Me Babe)
8. Trigger Happy (Love Story)
9. So You'd Like To Save The World (Bad Vibes)

Lloyd appologizes for the time needed to tune guitars during breaks and that they would have liked to hire a young guy to run around and tune guitars and hand them to the three performers but they would have then had to have had dinner with him.

10. Writer's Retreat (Broken Record)

Lloyd comments that he hopes the individuals sitting in the front row are sexting rather than doing business.
Lloyd then comments you will likely here a song you like tonight and its likely will be from the new album Broken Record that is for sale behind you.

11. Why In The World (Broken Record)

Lloyd Comments that he is the opening act and the headliner because he is old.
Fan: How Old?
Lloyd: Very Old

12. I'm Gone (The Negatives)

13. Late Night, Early Town (Music In A Foreign Language)

Set 2

1. Impossible Girl (The Negatives)

2. If I Were A Song (Broken Record)

3. Lady From Baltimore (Tim Hardin Cover)

4. My Alibi (Music In A Foreign Language)

Lloyd at this point identified that he wasn't trying to start a comeback
5. Woman In A Bar (Antidepressant)
6. Man Overboard (Broken Record)
7. 2CV (Rattlesnakes)
At this point some crazy lady decided it was time to dance. She got to the front of the seating area and in front of the stage tossed her hat off and then started to gyrate to Rattlesnakes. If there was any good timing this would be it. The dancing is weird and she tries to point to the sitting crowd and stare at them. I'm probably not describing this well but lets just say it was offside and akward. 
8. Rattlesnakes (Rattlesnakes)

Dancer picks up hat and snakes off
9. Old Enough To Know Better (Lost Songs, Tunes 1996 - 2000)

Dancer snakes up again to do her wierd stuff. Unfortunately its to this slower song No More Love Songs.

10 No More Love Songs (Negatives)

At the end of the song Lloyd identifies that this is his show and asks the woman not to dance. Honestly the woman looked like she was looking for attention but alas who knows.
11. Like Lovers Do (Love Story)
12. Forest Fire (Rattlesnakes)
1. Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken? (Rattlesnakes)
Dancer reappears for Undressed but the crowd is into the finale so Lloyd says nothing. Another interesting character rushes to the front and starts to bob his/her head at the side of the stage. Can you knock them. It may be the last time we ever see Lloyd. Hopefully not.
2. Undressed (Lloyd Cole)
3. Lost Weekend (Easy Pieces)
Wow. Could we ask for anymore. Actually yes!. The energy had gone up so high by the last three songs I think the crowd were all ready to get up and dance to maybe 10 more tracks. Lloyd You left us Heartbroken!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Joy Formidable - A Heavy Abacus (Hype 037)

Swirling indie guitar pop from the band who's first album The Big Roar won't go away. A new single and new video for IKDK favourites Joy Formidable.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Tiger My Timing - Endless Summer (Hype 036)

Nice jangily Summer pop track from My Tiger My Timing. This is the band's 3rd single and a full length album is supposedly on the way.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jeffrey Lewis - The East River


Probably my favourite track by antifolk singer/songwriter Jeffrey Lewis. It could be described as an antilove song.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults - Teenage Tide (Hype 035)

Nice buzzy lo-fi indie cut from Letting Up Despite Great Faults taken from the Paper Crush EP. Nice!


Digable Planets Dundas Square Toronto June 19, 2011 NXNE

As always, last night of NXNE and hip hop is on the agenda with Digable Planets and Pharcyde at Dundas Square. The square is jammed packed with nodding heads and pharcyde record jackets being waved in the air??(Is this a new trend?). Over the next hour Digable Planets with full band wandered through cuts from their 1993 and 1994 classics Reachin and Blowout Comb. Definately the Jazz. Here is what Toronto had to say (alot of hating on the new lineup for the band):

@panicmanual: i really WANT to go see digable planets/pharcyde, but i really also want to not move

@panicmanual: ive decided to go to digable planets, primarily because people older than me are there and mocking my current tired status. #nxne (IKDK: Yes. We were!)

@IKvsDK: Digable will be rockin real drums. #nxne #planets

@camillitary: Thanks Digable Planets, you prove there is a need for a whole band in the world of hip hop #nxne

@camillitary: It's rent-a-guitarist day at #nxne: the guitarist for Tenika Charles is playing for Digable Planets

@Kehindilla: I'd go to the Digable Planets show but lets keep it real, I remember like one song. (IKDK: We remember more)

@djnumeric: Confirmed: Digable Planets without Ladybug or Butterfly. #Wack #NXNE (IKDK: Royalty Disagreements)

@miscELENEous: Watching my friend play on stage with Digable Planets. Dreams happen.

@CanBallReport: Digable Planets on the stage is so nice! Brings me back to cassette tapes, walkmans and high school.

@Xtiin_Jones: #Throwback Bass is BOOMn! Digable Planets: Sh*t sounds phat with a DJ and live band.

@swankyswagger: People are enjoyin themselves here at NXNE lightin up their blunts while Digable Planets kill it. I'll take in the second hand reefer.

@jminter: Good crowd packing into #YDSquare for Digable Planets

@FreshEyesCEO: I didn't realise that Digable Planets aren't really Digable Planets anymore. #NXNE

@MadKilla: I can't lie, I'm not that fond of Digable Planets. #WeWantPharcyde

@djnumeric: This is pretty bad. It's like a Digable Planets cover band. #NXNE

@Repo_Mandy: This Digable Planets show is sub-par, & only 1 original member is here. @peterchapmanesq & I are unimpressed. Also bad sound! Bummer times.

@PeterChapmanEsq: I think im watching the best digable planets cover band ever.

@parkdale: How u be Digable Planets w/out Butterfly?? No one sayin anything. But wack. #NXNE

@GhostfaceKnitta: Watching Digable Planets. Kid behind me wearing a Ninja Turtles shirt. It's 1991.

@piriyankaa: i don't get how Digable Planets and Fried Kool-Aid are trending in Toronto but Selena Gomez and the MMVAs aren't. (IKDK: We get it)

@therealdishto: Digable Planets at Dundas Square #NXNE SO good!

@MissAngeOnAir: Digable Planets need to get rid of this chick. She can rap, but doesn't have the Digable jazz energy. (IKDK: Missing a Ladybug I think)

@WaynieTDot: Digable planets are jus Cool Like Dat

@joyoushealth: #nxne Digable Planets at Yonge and Dundas Sq. Awesome!

@tdotsomebody: Digable Planets shouted out to Palestine on stage in Toronto!!!! #freepalestine #hiphopsavedme #nxne

@MsNikkino: Dundas square is a mess. Digable planets only had one original member. Waiting for pharycyde

@dorianlogan: Have to admit, was initially excited for digable planets, but, within 1.5 songs, pharcyde has proven that they are tonights headliners #nxne

@mj_chandler: Thank you Digable Planets for taking me back to a time when I could listen to hip hop without making sarcastic remarks. #nxne

@PeterChapmanEsq: Man... I can't stop thinking about that woman that replaced Lady Bug. She was an OK rapper, but way too "Angry Mom" for the Digable Planets

@caseyyugo: #notgonnalie - digable planets was more entertaining than the pharcyde (saw the latter at TO rock the bells). maybe it was the band? #nxne


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lectrolips - Voyeur (Hype 034)

Dreamy electro new wave pop from UK outfit Lectrolips. Nice!

The Pharcyde Dundas Square June 19, 2011 NXNE

Sunday, caught The Pharcyde at Yonge-and-Dundas square. The square was oversaturated with some thirsty alt hip hop fans. Long wait from the end of the Digable Planets set (40+ mins). IKvsDK got a decent spot and around half-nine the action started with a brief introduction from J-Swift.

The set kicked off with Otha Fish and Ya Mama and the crowd got into it in their own way. The sightlines where mediocre but I could make out Imani, Bootie Brown and Slim Kid Tre and the highlight of the show - a live drummer rocking a black shirt and tie and holding down the rhythm like a badass.

I'll confess my ignorance of this capable outfit. My feel for alt hip hop, particularly west coast, is weak. But The Pharcyde has some big figures pulling for them including Kanye who cites Bizarre Ride II as one of his biggest influences.

Crowd response was decent but could have been stronger and it wasn't for lack of effort by The Pharcyde. These guys were great at coverage, playing off each other and the fans (and young ladies) down in front. Also exhibited some dance moves, which was how they started out, way back in the early-90s "In Living Colour" days.

Next few tracks cranked out but still there was something missing. Couldn't put my finger on it until later. Fortunately the sound was good and the audience were treated to some great jazzy beats backing on a subdued summertime laid-back west coast flow. Got to say nothing out of New York ever sounds so laid-back. The bud was in the air with a few in the crowd exhaling clouds of grey-green smoke. The perfect context for Pack the Pipe.

Another few tracks with the inimitable Ad Rock sample for Drop.

Then it hit around the 40 minute mark. The jazzy feathery beats got replaced by a heavier tremor that vibrated up through the ground. The BASS had arrived. Dayum that's what been missing! Here it comes!

This change of pace was a pleasant surprise. The Pharcyde lauched into a heavier number and the chiggers in front of us broke out some of their club moves. I scoped the crowd for the reaction and discovered a dude with a white furry kangol barking the words back to Pharcyde - real hip hop fan.

The ladies got into it next as some were invited on stage to dance for Passing Me By - sort of a re-creation of their video. IKvsDK thought (hoped?) he recognized the blonde. None of them could dance very well so kind of a wasted opportunity.

More interaction with the crowd with the call-response for Oh Shit. I balked at "Toronto ... Shit" and waited in vain for "TFC .... Shit" or "Leafs .... Shit".

Some goof climbed the aluminum scaffolding, stealing the limelight for a few minutes. Last call and the NxNE festival headliners had completed their set. The drummer takes a well deserved bow - Man of the Match imho.

So with last year's De La Soul and this year's The Pharcyde, what's next year? Someone say "A Tribe called Quest"?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Teams vs. Star Slinger - Close To Me / The Yes Strut (Hype 033A and B)

Double Hype today for Teams Vs. Star Slinger with two great indie cut and paste rnb cuts tracks from the 12 Inch off Mexican Summer out of the USA. Very good videos also.

A) Teams vs. Star Slinger - Close To Me
Video :

B) Teams vs. Star Slinger - The Yes Strut

Memoryhouse Lee's Palace June 18th, 2011 Toronto NXNE

Was I ever happy to see 3/4 of Lee's abandon ship after Twin Shadows and cool down Lee's Palace. Why the mass exodus I'm not sure as they were going to miss out on a super spectacular Canadian band in Memoryhouse who is signed to Subpop records and first full length is due out soon. But alas this is the world of indie hipsters behind the curve. It probably didn't help that the band had some technical difficulties which led to more flooding out. Finally they got going and we weren't disappointed. Someone yelled out Sexy to the lead singer but she just shrugged it off. The band has actually only released two seven inch records and has had some mp3 eps available but did have alot of material to play out. Memoryhouse is also known for their remixes and have remixed the likes of CFCF , Koralleven, and Luminary Youth. A strong set and definately a band to look out for in the future. I have to admit I unfortunately missed the last couple songs as I scrambled to catch the last subway home. Nice way to end the night though. Here is what Toronto said about the show:

@ebrosseau: Wild Nothing in town tonight with Memoryhouse - I am too old and too tired to go. #NXNE (IKDK: I was thinking the same thing)

@IKvsDK: Blackberry out of juice #memoryhouse #lees #nxne good night

@marqchris: Memoryhouse, good looking bunch, sound even better #nxne @ Lee's Palace

@cy_yyc: Memoryhouse, you be so sweet! #nxne

@imacgill: My Bloody Valentine cover the icing on tonite's cake. Just fell in love with Memoryhouse. #nxne

@ikvsDK: Great band @imacgill unfortunately i left early to catch last subway and missed their last songs #nxne #memoryhouse

@emilyjeanwhalen: Really dug Memoryhouse's set tonight. Did not dig all the weird dancing. I felt uncomfortable. (IKDK: Weird dancing?)


Twin Shadow Lee's Palace June 18th, 2011 Toronto NXNE

Rushed up from the Horseshoe to ensure myself a spot at the Twin Shadow concert. It was close. Unfortunately missed the Wild Nothing show waiting in line outside of Lee's. Lots of people wanted to get into this show and the line up was 1/2 the way down the block.

Scenario One
Bouncer caught two people trying to bud in with friends in line. This is what ensued.
Bouncer to group of people: "Do you think the people behind you appreciate this"
IKDK (Thinking): Wait for it Wait for it.
On cue, guy turns to IKDK and asks: Do you mind my friends budding in.
IKDK (Friendly response): Don't ask me that question right in front of the bouncer. I, myself, won't get in. Guy leaves line with friends and goes to the end of the line.

Scenario Two
By 11:00 oclock I had made it almost to the front of the line and suddenly there is this young girl just in front of me trying to stand in the line. I ask her do you realize alot of people have been waiting along time in line to try to get into this show. The young girl then starts to give us a sob story bout her friends being inside and almost crying to let her stay. Given that one person could potentially make or break me getting into the show I move in front of her and tell her to work it out with the people behind me who are obviously alittle more sympathetic then me as they let her stay.

I'm lucky to get inside the jammed venue just as Twin Shadow starts their show. I give up on looking for El Lobo who is obviously buried somewhere deep in the bar. I'm almost run over by an arrogant american (1/2 of the band Cults) who is more concerned at getting his drinks back to his posse then people in front of him. I note others like myself dive out of the way as he steamrolls forward. Rude. Jackass.

However that can't stop the epicness of Twin Shadow who are amazing. Lots of NRG and lots of conversation back and forth during the 40 minute set between the crowd and the lead man as they play alot of stuff from their great Forget album. Another highlight of NXNE and this is what Toronto said:

@RellaC: @emarchak I need to go over my plan and figure out how to be at the twin shadow show so that I can get in. Also omg all night bender. (IKDK: True, only lineup I faced during the whole of NXNE)

@WoodandWires: @KATEKILGOUR anyone else to see after Twin Shadow maybe? at the same venue? (IKDK: HAHA Nice!)

@ivana_write: @tcote Wild Nothing / Twin Shadow at Lee's. However, line up very long :(

@kindest_regards: In line for Twin Shadow but might change direction at the door and go to Dance Cave instead. #iampathetic (IKDK: Oh No!!!)

@kindest_regards: Almost decided not to see Twin Shadow tonight. Fuck, that would've been a huge mistake.(IKDK: Good Move!)

@Busta_: Crowd is pushing us up against people who don't shower at lee's for twin shadow #Nxne (IKDK: they probably do but are all sweaty from the Men Without Hats show)

@physicsandbeer: Twin Shadow at Lee's Palace bringing the house dzown!
@katmcmorrow: Twin shadow is out of control amazing!!! #NXNE2011

@em_nemtin: Mega babe band part deux. Twin Shadow

@ivana_write: Twin Shadow just said "you guys look more like a New York summer than New York." #NXNE

@sabletoothtiger: DUDE. twin shadow can shred. perfection. #nxne

@Eric_Blaze: Twin Shadow rocking a bottle of straight rum on stage. Respect.  

@marqchris: Twin Shadow #nxne people are actually dancing

@ivana_write: Twin Shadow, charasmatic and talkative; using every Toronto cliche as a reference. #NXNE

@imacgill: Surprising...or not. Twin Shadow may have been the best live act I have seen at #nxne Bloc Party should take notes.

@alltheworldsapg: Twin Shadow rocked the socks off Lee's Palace. They definitely won me over.

@markmarkolios: Twin Shadow destroyyyyy

@GracieCarroll: Twin Shadow. So good. Brave, bravo. #nxne

@random_apathy: Twin Shadow. Holy shit. Favourite #NXNE performance. George Lewis Jr., may be a god.

@modern_heritage: line ups around the block for Lee's Palace. sad to miss WILD NOTHING & TWIN SHADOW but happy to have rocked the italian street festival

@IKvsDK: Just got twin shadowed #nxne #lees up next memoryhouse.


Hooded Fang Horseshoe Tavern June 18th, 2011 Toronto NXNE

Had to scramble from Dundas Square over to what would be my favourite NXNE show at a very hot packed Horseshoe Tavern. Greeted by a lady that identified that they would be handing out free drink tickets during the show and had a free barbecue going on just outside the door but alas no free drink ticket for me in the end. Bought a bottle of water at a criminal price of $2.75 not including tip and located midway into the Tavern. I really hadn't heard alot of Hooded Fang before this show but did have their self-titled full length and love their track Highway Steam. What a great band. Young, energetic, and lots of band members having fun and dancing away. All sorts of instruments too. Unfortunately a short set but alas this is NXNE. Congrats to Hooded Fang for winning IKDK's award for best concert of NXNE. Here's what Toronto said:

@musicpsychos: At horseshoe #nxne hooded fang is setting up

@romeh: At the shoe. Hooded Fang just started. #pumped #R3NxNE

@philipsturner: #r3nxne loving hooded fang at the horseshoe tavern. Great trumpets! W/many r3 pals.

@ErinCarroll29: Craig norris is a stud and so is hooded fang #r3nxne  

@mikaeljagan: Whoever's on drums for Hooded Fang tonight is spectacular. But they should definitely avoid brass instruments from now on. Forever #R3NXNE  (IKDK: What? Blasphemy)
@MWBII: Hooded Fang: so much band, so little stage. #R3NXNE

@can8iangrrrl: Listening to Hooded Fang from front bar at Horseshoe. Plenty of time to get sweaty later. Looking fwd to @1hundreddollars!! #nxne (IKDK: Now was the time to get sweaty)

@photobyandrewc: Seeing the stage manager at the horseshoe dancing to hooded fang just made my night! #nxne #R3NXNE


Men WIthout Hats Dundas Square June 18th, 2011 Toronto NXNE Setlist

Why was Men Without Hats trending on twitter on Saturday? The new wave eighties pop stars were at Dundas Square in Toronto for their second show at NXNE. The band had put on a very intimate small show at the Great Hall on Thursday which had us back for more on Saturday night (See IKDK's Tuco's review here Men Without Hats). Again no disappointment but our hope for a slightly different set list was smashed (I wanted to hear Ideas for Walls). Ivan ran through an identical set list as Thursday night minus the encore (See IKDK's posting of Thursday's Set List) moving through tracks from Rhythm Of Youth, Pop Goes The World and Folk Of The 80's Part III. When the band hit Where Do The Boys Go Ivan once again invited out his brother Colin to play keyboards on the track (Did you know there were 3 brothers in the original band?). Ivan announced both nights also that a forthcoming album was on the way called "Folk of the 80s: Part IV". Joke or serious? Hopefully the latter as the new track This War is pretty good. Here is the track listing from Saturday's show:

Jumpin Jack Flash (Cover)
Moonbeam (Pop Goes The World)
Antartica (Rhythm Of Youth)
I Got The Message (Rhythm Of Youth)
This War (New Song)
I Like (Rhythm Of Youth)
Pop Goes The World (Pop Goes The World)
Living In China (Rhythm Of Youth)
Where Do The Boys Go (Folk Of The 80's Part III)
Safety Dance (Rhythm Of Youth)

This is what Toronto was saying:

@iansteinberg: A guy just said : it's ironic that men without hats are playing and then men with hats play next.

@saelantwerdy: Still don't understand why Cults are playing immediately before Men Without Hats. #NXNE2011 (IKDK: Why Not?)

@Jake_E_Cretin: @tuwhitt they go on 9:30, Men Without Hats are on at 8:00. I bet they'll play Safety Dance. (IKDK: I bet you they will too. There would be riots if they didn't)

@ComeOnBunny: "Men Without Hats is a Canadian New Wave group from Montreal, Quebec." Whoa, I didnt know that. (IKDK: Yep)

@iamryree: If this food takes any longer and i miss the start of men without hats, this waiter is gettin knifed...

@phrichards: It's so bizarre that I'm minutes away from seeing men without hats. This will either be awesome or a total disaster. (IKDK: Awesome of course)

@IKvsDK: Parents just bought their two teen daughters men without hats t shirts #nxne #hipparents

@NAtalie_988: Just interviewed by @Spinner . women with balloon hats seeing men without hats #nxne

@rachel_is_here: Waiting for Men Without Hats to take the stage at YDS. Going to Safety Dance all over this place.

@imacgill: Sticking around for Men Without Hats. Not Depeche Mode...but should be fun. #nxne #3hitwonder #wheredotheboysgo (IKDK: Multi-hit wonder if you ask us :))
@bunnyhero: last time I saw men without hats was in 1984. now tweeting about it while seeing them in 2011 #old #technology
@AnaRodro: Men without hats? (IKDK: The youth of today)

@lindsaycormack: At Yonge and Dundas Sq listening to Men Without Hats. What has my life come to

@buyingshots: Men Without Hats. With hats on. #nxne
@shortweird: Men without Hats. 1) lead singer is wearing a hat 2) see 1. #ShatteredExpectations #nxne

@JulianSpillane: So Men Without Hats opened with Jumping Jack Flash. I am le confused.

@imacgill: Men Without Hats are an odd combination of metal & synth pop. Ivan is even wearing a Thor t-shirt. No Bonhomme on drums. #nxne

@MMBdM: Men Without Hats look like rockers and dance like hyper 12yr old girls. #NXNE (sound is absolute crap at Dundas square)
@40deuce: I can't believe I'm seeing Men Without Hats twice in one week #NXNE (IKDK: We are with you)
@gbozward: Missing Men Without Hats because we are getting drunk in the Hard Rock #NXNE festival failures (Ouch: Painful trade-off)
@seagell: I don't know if the novelty of seeing Safety Dance is worth putting up with the rest of Men Without Hats set #YADS (IKDK: Blasphemy) 

@CamLinNYC: Currently at a packed, outdoor Men Without Hats concert. #Canada #nxne

@IndieToBlog: Say what you will about #nxne but Men without Hats was a great choice. (IKDK: Yep)

@EightiesGirl_99: Men without hats rule.

@phrichards: Standing behind the biggest Men Without Hats fan in the world. Dude is losing his shit. I'm gonna get elbowed in the gut any time now. #nxne  

@pheather: Odds that Men Without Hats will play their 90s guitar-rock ditty "Sideways": slim to none. #NXNE (IKDK: Not today)
@Mrlex76: Men without hats would never make a Cowboy.

@Trellh: Men Without Hats is like a car accident. You can't tur away even though you really want to. So far, the only disappointment of #nxne
@mutantlog: The crowd suddenly awakens as they realize they know a Men Without Hats song other than Safety Dance! #popgoestheworld
@TheAtomicHouse: Men Without Hats is trending- Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance Well they're no friends of mine
@TriizNairne: Men without hats are swagless.

@AmberXXX: kind of almost front row for men without hats #nxne #fuckyea new wave daddies everywhere  


@KristyL_M: Both Men Without Hats and Devo are playing in TO tonight. What year is it? (IKDK: 1982)

Some people weren't impressed:

@drunkgirlcomics: Men Without Hats = Brutal. #NXNE

@brilliam: Men without hats plating live in dundas square, without question the worst live music I have seen. No thanks not for me!

@HawleyDunbar: Um Men Without Hats is hilarious live. He's so friggin old. And he was totally wearing at hat. #NXNE2011

@RobynRMT: Just watched Men Without Hats. Ivan makes me so happy still. Audience looked the result of a focus group. Just sayin.

@IKvsDK: I barely survived another men without hats concert. Now at horseshoe for hooded fang #nxne

Did you miss the shows? No worries. Ivan and the crew will be back to open up for Human League later this summer in Toronto and we will be there.


Cults Dundas Square June 18th, 2011 Toronto NXNE

Cults were warming up the house for Men Without Hats on Saturday night at Dundas Square. Super hyped American band with just the one album and a few singles under their belt and signed to the Sony Label. Not sure if their cut and paste sound works for big open air shows but entertaining none the less. Here is what everyone was saying:

@dixiegong: Cults! At Yonge and Dundas square for NXNE!

@labellebride: I'm not a huge fan of Dundas Square..but the Cults are worth it. Cute and 50s-esque.
@terri_to: Watching Cults with a sea of humanity. Smelly humanity. (@ Yonge-Dundas Square w/ @fyang) (IKDK: Good humanity; out with the people who aren't at home cocooning with Netflix)

@spinner: Fucked UP's Damian Abraham loving the Cults backstage at NXNE, Y&D square #nxne (IKDK: who?)

@thecharlesworth: The Cults -- loving them at YD square... Loving my spinner beer koozie too! #nxne

@kylefowle: NXNE: Cults currently putting on a lackluster outdoor performance. Too tired or hungover from their set last night?

@rockthusiast: I honestly didn't think Cults would sound as good outside as they did at Lee's Palace, but I am happily mistaken! #NXNE

@gregivany: Cults are fly #nxne

@johnpapa: At Cults. This is the most time I've spent at Yonge/Dundas Sq. since they paved over whatever the fuck used to be here. #nxnefest

@TheRealJessFord: Good timing. Catching The Cults at Dundas Square. @sarahmaytaylor

@AnaRodro: Cults @ Dundas Square. Love live music with my favourites.

@Lubor: The Cults, amazing. Yonge Dundas Square, persona non grata. #NXNE

@kylefowle: After a disappointing Cults show, I'm off to grab a bite with @SeanFowle and Miranda. Then a set from Braids! #nxne (IKDK: I would tend to agree but we seem to be in the minority)

@gbozward: Cults were good but The Coppertone were much much better #NXNE (IKDK: That's what my peeps said)

@andyalexanderr: Cults are the early contender for set of the day. Now who to see? And don't say Men Without Hat or Devo #NXNE (IKDK: Men Without Hats)

@melodylamb: My phone is dying but I assure you I am getting my NXNE on. Cults killed it at YD Square, now off to the Summerworks party! (IKDK: Panicmanual's Favourite Expression "Killed It")

@ispymusique: Cults were amazing! #NXNE. What a voice!

@kindest_regards: How great was Cults! #nxne

@commedesvoleurs: Cults are my summer band #NXNE

@kelseyparsons: Pitchfork calls Cults a boy/girl duo but they are definitely more girl than boy (vocals wise). Also more pop than expected but catchy! #nxne (IKDK: Pitchfork this)


Dirty Beaches Dundas Square June 18th, 2011 Toronto NXNE

First act for IKDK on the 3rd day of NXNE was Vancouverite Dirty Beaches. We had caught the Dirty Beaches earlier this year opening up for the Dum Dum Girls so we were ready for what this one man wrecking crew could do. Playing for about thirty minutes he churned through his devil channeling Elvis routine. He stopped once to proclaim that he had made it. Made it in the sense from going from DIY shows to playing Dundas Square. He might be right. He played like 5 times around the city during NXNE. Here's what people said about the daylight show.

@benjaminboles: Dirty Beaches up next at Y&D Square. I like him, but understand why others would find his greaser noise rock abrasive and annoying. #nxne

@andyalexanderr: Dirty Beaches would be alot cooler if they actually had a bassist and drum play live. Backing tracks are a cop out #nxne (IKDK: This is 2011, everyone is channeling Laptops)

@IKvsDK: Dirty beaches is causing mayhem at dundas square #nxne

@benjaminboles: As I feared, I think Dirty Beaches might be bumming out the crowd at YD. He's an acquired taste. #nxne (IKDK: No way, he's just getting started)

@annetdonahue: In other news, Dirty Beaches is all sorts of alright. #nxne

@thejonrandall: Buzz Killington. "@benjaminboles: As I feared, I think Dirty Beaches might be bumming out the crowd at Y&D. He's an acquired taste. #nxne"

@VIVAxHATE: At the fascist beer tent at Y&D with @5tephenPaul watching dirty beaches.

@staykeener: #Polaris2011 long list Dirty Beaches at Yonge/Dundas laying an Elvis groove with nought but a guitar, some pedals and a mic. #nxne (IKDK: What about shortlist)

@benjaminboles: Hmmn, I may have been wrong - looks like the y&d crowd might be coming round to Dirty Beaches noise-rockabilly. #nxne (IKDK: Yep)

@niel_IGIF: Dirty Beaches is great live, his new jams are nice! Ya heard @dirtybeaches808?

@IKvsDK: Vancouver outfit Dirty Beaches at dundas square has led to riots and shut down of dundas square #nxne

@annetdonahue: If you caught Dirty Beaches at YDS yesterday afternoon, you'll understand why I have Badlands on repeat. #NXNE (IKDK: We understand)

This was the track that got us hooked a couple of months back


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ivy - Distant Lights (Hype 032)

Ivy with a brand new single on an electronic dance tip but still with the sweet vocals of Dominique Durand. Taken from their new album All Hours out in September.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Inc. - Swear (Hype 031) cut and paste typewriter rnb track ala Prince. Taken from the forthcoming 12 inch - 3 - on 4AD records. Champion!!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Brothertiger, Unfamiliar Friends, Little Girls and Men Without Hats NxNE Toronto June 16, 2011

Wonderful summer day. Headed over to the venerable Sonic Boom to acquire a NxNE tag before being released back into the wilderness. Pleasant walk along Bloor and down Roberts to the El Mocambo where I met up with triple OG IKvsDK to check out Brothertiger.

I was parched, ordered a PBR, the closest thing to water. The crowd numbered about thirty and gathered in a sightline friendly semi-circle around the stage. An orange NxNE banner draped across the back. Some dusty monitors up front and a neglected Marshall cabinet in the background are surplus to requirements when one has an Apple laptop.

Brothertiger is a one-man show with an ear for the catchy. He started us off with some nice beats and some familiar I-IV-V chords. The crowd is mostly sitting, reverently lapping in the breaks as Brothertiger works the digital turntable and a few other gadgets on the table in front of him. He's got the mic out and sings a light soothing droning tune - sort of like a non-british Morrissey.

The crowd starts to sway in their own personal space. A partygoer up front starts to dance. A NxNE volunteer joins in.

Bit of a challenge matching Brothertiger's actions with the audio. Is it the feet or the hands? Or is the music just streaming from the laptop? Odd how a guitar faces the audience with the guitarist's every movement on display. Laptops and turntables aren't so transparent and, as a consequence, maybe a bit more mysterious.

Brothertiger is working in his own overdubs - I think he's doing this live which is cool. Song ends and a brief rap from the man. Zero eye contact with the audience - probably need a webcam and skype for that. IKvsDK remarks on the poor sound of the El Mocambo venue. The Marshall amp smiles and nods.

We try to guess the age of Brothertiger and set the over/under at early 20s. Brothertiger announces an "oldie". "I made it six months ago" quips IKvsDK. Ah youth. Next song is "I've been waiting" - I know better than to expect a Foreigner cover. This one has got the crowd bobbing their head. It's a short track and Brothertiger actually ends it with a fade out! Yes, you are now at home or in your car and this is not Live.

Feel brings a smile to IKDK. This one has some more complex chords. A sweet smelling young lady starts to grind up against her beach-attired beau. Surfs up.


We arrive at the Great Hall late for Taiwanese act Unfamiliar Friends. The venue is nice with a balcony that reminds IKvsDK of the Concert Hall.

Another electronic experience this time, this time it's three Apple laptops in a row. I look for an iPort.

The band's singer is belting out something. IKvsDK is not impressed. I grab a Red Stripe anticipating some discomfort.

The crowd is not really into it despite the animated efforts from the left and middle laptops. The right laptop is silent and focussed on her screen (facebooking perhaps?).

This is dance music without the dancing. Hard to get into - there's a build with no breaks. Lost in translation for the most part.

A television camera with tripod is front and centre capturing the proceedings. Right laptop barely notices. Left laptop sings louder and looks to the side for the profile shot.

Last song is announced and at this time a young pert dance coordinator starts to push forward. She's wearing white shorts and an attitude. One by one she picks off those not wary enough to stray by the dance floor, pulling them into the fray.

The camera moves back to get them in frame and the dance coordinator gets two guys onto the floor. It's mayhem. IKvsDK and I look at each other pondering the inevitable. A few more seconds tick by before this wonderful brunette makes her pitch to IKvsDK. "It doesn't make much sense to come here and not dance" she argues. My mind gets stuck between "I don't like dancing" and "What's your number?". IKvsDK fares better with a complete sentence: "No no, you go ahead".

Heartbroken, the dance coordinator gives up her recruitment drive and dashes to the exit shortly after. The song ends and there's an uneasy quiet.


We're a few minutes behind schedule. The house music starts up and next up is Little Girls. These fellows are described as post-punk which implies real drums and real guitars ... and no Apple Laptops. The band hurries through a soundcheck with the house music still blaring.

By this time a new crowd had come out - less dancy more serious. IKvsDK recognizes some faces in the crowd. Panic Manual joins us.

Two Strats - one blue, the other black, work through the soundcheck. Bass looks like a Fender as well. Drum kit is low to the ground. And we're off.

The first few tracks feature a rhythm guitar creating spacey atmospheric effects. The singer mutters into the mic while picking out a spare but clean tune on lead guitar. Flat vocals - maybe another few minutes on the soundcheck could have fixed this.

The bassist holds the structure together - very nice work from this guy. The drummer is tenacious but only has one cymbal! Surely the Lance Armstrong of drummers.

The band ends their first song and quickly gets into the next one. A persistent theme was the lack of clean endings which seems typical of a genre featuring alot of feedback.

Thirty minutes in and they play the first minor chord of the night. Not much melody - slow scales over chord changes and a driving beat. The drumming is ferocious. A freestyle male dancer cuts loose in the front breaking the cardinal no-arms-above-the-shoulder rule.

The crowd is into it now and the Little Girls transform into a different configuration. The singer drops the lead guitar duties and the very capable bassist picks up this role. Great decision - MHO, the songs they performed like this were the best of the night.


Another break and another crowd change. Some older heads make it into the ranks and the crowd pushes forward. Men Without Hats take the stage and kick things off with a Rolling Stones cover: Jumping Jack Flash.

Must say Ivan still has great stage presence and that distinctive voice. The audience gets pulled into a shared 80s time warp and joy is in the air. The only still figures in the crowd are filming. Everything will be alright.

A young dancing lady with glow in the dark armbands works the floor in front of the stage. The speakers are dancing. The floor is dancing. It's infectious. Even another Apple laptop on stage isn't going to spoil this for me.

The band goes into the next number and IKvsDK hops up and down as he recognizes Moonbeam. Great track. The crowd is into it.

The next track kicks off. An older dude to the right of me is singing the lyrics to his wife. I'm bopping myself in as coordinated fashion as possible.

One of Ivan's brothers, a former band member, joins them on stage for a special number from way back. Great tribute to both the early days and his brother.

Another few tracks and its Pop Goes The World. The older dude pushes his way to the front; he's got something in him and it's got to come out!

Slight technical glitch near the end involving the Apple laptop. But it's sorted and we're off to the Safety Dance. We can dance. We can dance. Everybody look at your hands.

And amazingly Men Without Hats somes out for an encore - the ABBA tune SOS. Great great great show. Alot of fun. Good times.

Men Without Hats Great Hall Toronto June 16th, 2011 NXNE Setlist

Men Without Hats are back!!!! Great concert at the Great Hall last night. More reviews of the show to come but here was the setlist

Jumpin Jack Flash (Cover)
Moonbeam (Pop Goes The World)
Antartica (Rhythm Of Youth)
I Got The Message (Rhythm Of Youth)
This War (New Song)
I Like (Rhythm Of Youth)
Pop Goes The World (Pop Goes The World)
Living In China (Rhythm Of Youth)
Where Do The Boys Go (Folk Of The 80's Part III)
Safety Dance (Rhythm Of Youth)
SOS (Cover) (In The 21st Century)

Teeel - Triangle Waves (Hype 030)

Downtempo synthetic cut and paste track from Teeel. Nice!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Trembling Blue Stars - Half Light (Hype 026)

Trembling Blue Stars shut it down with their last EP. Downtempo twee pop. Released on Orange 10 Inch vinyl on Elefant Records. Good Bye.....


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Twin Shadow - At My Heels (Hype 025)

4AD artist Twin Shadow with a nice indie cut taken from his album Forget. Twin Shadow will be at NXNE in Toronto on Saturday June 18th for a show at Lee's Palace.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wiley - Numbers in Action (Hype 022)

Loud grimey track from Wiley with a wild video. Yes. And I'm still a fan of Michael Jackson too.


Upcoming Concerts as of June 9, 2011 (including NXNE)

NXNE is upon us and IKDK will be out in full force checking out the music festival and our picks are below. But before we get there we do note some cool up and coming concerts including a free show by They Might Be Giants and stadium rock outfit Supertramp this weekend.

11 June They Might Be Giants (David Pecaut Square as part of Luminato)
11 June Alela Diane (Rivoli)
11 June Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals Guy) / Y Niwl (Horseshoe)
12 June Supertramp (Molson Canadian Amphitheatre)

June 13-June 19 NXNE

17 June Braids (Garrison)
18 June Braids (The Great Hall)
16 June Brothertiger (El Mocambo)
17 June Cults (Lee's Palace)
18 June Cults (Dundas Square)
16 June Deerhoof / Dodos (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
18 June Devo (Dundas Square)
19 June Digable Planets (Dundas Square)
16 June Dirty Beaches (Silver Dollar Room
17 June Dirty Beaches (Lee's Palace)
18 June Dirty Beaches (Dundas Square)
17 June Dum Dum Girls (Lee's Palace)
18 June Grimes (The Great Hall)
18 June Grimes (918 Bathurst)
18 June Hooded Fang (Horseshoe Tavern)
17 June Julianna Barwick (Wrongbar)
16 June Little Girls (The Great Hall)
18 June Little Girls (Garrison)
18 June Memoryhouse (Lee's Palace)
16 June Men Without Hats (Great Hall)
18 June Men Without Hats (Dundas Square)
17 June Most Serene Republic (Mod Club)
16 June No Joy (Horseshoe Tavern)
17 June Swervedriver (Great Hall)
19 June Pharcyde (Dundas Square)
18 June Sharks (Opera House)
17 June Stars (Dundas Square)
18 June Superhumanoids (Lee's Palace)
18 June Twin Shadow (Lee's Palace)
18 June Wild Nothing (Lee's Palace)
19 June Wild Nothing (Garrison)

End of NXNE

23 June Elvis Costello (Sony Centre)
26 June Lloyd Cole Small Ensemble (Mod Club)
28 June Lionel Richie (Black Creek Festival)
10 July Gang Gang Dance (Horseshoe Tavern)
14 July Cold Cave / Cult Of Youth (Horseshoe Tavern)
17 July Gomez (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
22 July Disappears (Sneaky Dees)
23 July Ema (Garrison)
02 August The Pains of Being Pure at Heart / Craft Spells (Opera House)
09 August Doughboys (Air Canada Centre)
02 September Peter Bjorn And John Show 1 (Lee's Palace)
03 September Peter Bjorn And John Show 2 (Lee's Palace)
30 September James Blake (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
01 October Foster The People (Sound Academy)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bonjay - Creepin (Hype 020)

Chanting chanelling a dark sinister Kate Bush on Acid. Bonjay with their latest double a-side release (Creepin/Stumble) on One Bird Records. Street Tuff!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Karvel - Only The Young (Hype 019)

A nice low-fi noisy guitar track from Karvel. Check Your Head Karvel or it might explode.


The Album Shortlist - June

The Album Shortlist - June (Although not that short)

ATFC - Dazzle EP
Bibio - K Is For Nelson EP
Bibio And Clark - Willenhall - Baskerville Grinch 12 Inch
Black Lips _Arabia Mountain
Bomba Estereo - Ponte Bomb EP
Bon Iver - Bon Iver
The Cars - Move Like This
Cerys Matthews (Catatonia) - Explorer
Chad Valley - Equatorial Ultravox
Clan Of Xymox - Darkest Hours
CockNBullKid - Adulthood
Cold Showers - Highlands 7 Inch
Comet Gain - Howl Of The Lonely Crowd
David Sylvian (Japan) - Died In The Wool | Manafon Variations
Dom - Legume Ep
Ema - Past Life Martyred Saints
Esben And The Witch - Chorea EP 12 Inch (Mogwai Remix)
Esben And The Witch - Violet Cries
Foster The People - Torches
Friendly Fires - Pala
Girls Names - Dead To Me
Hey Today! Minor EP
Hurts - Illuminated EP
Junior Boys - It's All True
Kate Bush Director's Cut
Kid Loco - Confession of a Belladonna Eater
In Flagranti - Worse For Wear
Manu Chao and Friends - Manu Chao and Friends
Mick Harvey - Sketches From The Book Of The Dead
Miracle Fortress - Was I The Wave
New Division - The Rookie
One Am Radio - Heaven Is Attached By A Slender Thread
Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) - Emeralds
Rosebuds Loud Planes Fly Low
Sarah Nixey (Black Box Recorder) - Brave Tin Soldiers
Seapony - Go With Me
Sebastian - Total
Selebrities - Delusions
Spc Eco (Curve) - Big Fat World EP
Strange Talk - Strange Talk EP
Tim And Jean - Like What
Tim Booth (James) - Lovelife
Trembling Blue Stars - Correspondence EP
Towa Tei (Deee-Lite) - Sunny
Vetiver - The Errant Charm
Wild Beasts - Smother
Wild Swans - The Coldest Winter for a Hundred Years

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Horrors - Still Life (Hype 018)

Brand new single from XL Recording artists The Horrors taken from their upcoming release Skying released in July. Nice moody synths and gothic textures.


R.I.P. Martin Rushent June 5, 2011

Sad day for music with the death of legendary producer Martin Rushent who has produced the punk sounds of the Buzzcocks, Stranglers, XTC, Generation X, to the new wave sounds of Pete Shelly, Human League, Altered Images, Leisure Process, and the Go Go's. But let's keep it homegrown and share with you a track he produced for Canadian outfit the Box in the early nineties. He died at the age of 63.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Grimes-Crystal Ball (Hype 014)

Nice chilled out downtempo indie cut from this Canadian outfit.



Album: Peter Murphy - Ninth released on Nettwerk Records by former Bauhaus guy in June. Seesaw Way is taken from Ninth
Peter Murphy - Seesaw Sway

For details: Nettwerk Records

Album: Tim Booth - Love Life released on Monkey God Records by James guy Tim Booth this month. Monkey God Records was set up by Tim himself to sell his solo albums independently.


For Details:

EP: Trembling Blue Stars - Correspondence Ep released on Elefant Records. This is rumoured to be the last Trembling Blue Stars release ever. Available on 10 Inch Orange Vinyl and Digital.

For Details: Elefant Records

Album: Robin Guthrie - Emeralds released on Rocket Girl Records in the UK and Darla Records in the USA in CD and Digital. Great new album by the former Cocteau Twins guy.

For Details: