Saturday, December 31, 2011

Storm Queen - It Goes On (Art Department Remix) (Hype 0161R)

Slammin base heavy old skool house sounding track to bring in the new year. Thanks to @Bonjaymusic for the tip!

Happy New Year from Tuco, Dunny and Josh at IKDK. Bring on 2012.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Spirit Songs

Best of Holiday Songs; Best served with Eggnog and Rum

1. Saint Etienne and Tim Burgess - I Was Born On Christmas Day

2. Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas

3. Pogues - Fairytale Of New York

4. David Bowie - Sound And Vision

5. Emmy The Great and Tim Wheeler - Home FOr The Holidays

6. Run DMC- Christmas In Hollis

7. Wham - Last Christmas

8. Flow Machines - I Was Born On Christmas Day

9. Medicine - Christmas Song

10. Velocity Girl - Merry Christmas, I Love You

11. Cocteau Twins - Frosty The Snowman

12. Jona Lewie - Stop The Cavalry

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Best of 2011

Death of the year - No contest. Amy Winehouse. RIP

Surprise (to me) artist of the year (tie)- superhumanoids and star slinger

Disappointment of the year (tie) - No "Magic" at The Cars show and waiting for Platinum Blonde for two hours in the pouring rain at Echo Beach only for Mark Holmes to cancel the show and invite everyone to the Mod Club.

Stamina artist of the ANY year - Femi Kuti

Eatery of the year - BQM diner

Dance of the year - Everybody shufflin'

Tweet of the year - @thegoldenyear: Duran Duran club gig with shouty females who can't hold their liquor. (@ Phoenix Concert Theatre w/ 7 others)

Concert of the year - OMD

Fun time of the year - Men without Hats concert at the Great Hall

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Emmy The Great & Tim Wheeler - Home For The Holidays (Hype 0158)

Time for IKDK to get into the spirit of the holidays. Emmy The Great and Tim Wheeler get us going with Home For The Holidays. A candy cane coated duet. Sweet!!!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Canyons - See Blind Through (Hype 0155)

Deep track off of Modular records skirting the boundaries of early nineties house, early nineties bleeps, and UK soul. Nice!!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ghostface Killah Sound Academy Toronto December 2, 2011

IKDK loves hip hop but we rarely get out to the shows. Friday night was jammed packed at the Sound Academy to see Wu Tang alumni Ghostface Killah perform for the first time in Toronto in about 15 years (visa issues). Ghostface must love Canada and is making up for this lost time by touring what seems like every city in Canada including stops in Montreal, Ottawa, Peterborough, Oshawa, Barrie??, Winnipeg, Saskatachewan, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Vancouver, and Victoria. The Wu-Tang must love Canada as fellow band member Raekwon has recently set up a record label in Canada based out of Toronto called Ice H20.

Canadian Hip Hop guy Peter Jackson opened up the show with a 15 minute set. Wondering if this is a standard for hip hop shows? It was more like a commercial than an actual set.

A second band performed before Ghostface hit the stage but can't for the life remember the name of the band even though there 2nd song of a two song set was basically them chanting their band name. This was more like an infomercial. (IKDK: Shing Shing Regime, a Canadian band)

Ghostface hit the stage at about 11:30 and played to about 1:15. A spirited set that included alot of guest cameos by the likes of Sheek Louch, Killah Priest and Joe and Jimmy. Joe and Jimmy? Yeah, the two crowd members who were invited to come on stage to sing some of the verses of a classic WU-Tang Clan joint. Ghostface turned up the pressure on the volunteers by asking the audience to boo them if they didn't come through. The volunteers sizzled and the crowd went crazy. Judging by the number of people singing along all night I might have been the only person in the crowd who is not at the level of master Wu Fan. Obviously not a big enough fan to meet Ghostface for an autograph and picture at the end of the show which were available if you bought merchandise which was heavily pushed at the end of the show.

Here is what the crowd said:

@dajaunm: Down at the sound academy guest listed for the ghostface show

@SlavaP: This is whitest crowd I've seen since the Hanson concert (@ Sound Academy for Ghostface Killah w/ 2 others) (IKDK:

@TinyshaT.: Ghostface Killahhhhh

@carliroye: At the Sound Academy, Ghostface Killah is here. Fuck!!!!!!!!

@IKvsDK: At ghostface killah : don't see @panicmanual #rewind

@_STATiS_: whoevers at the ghostface show, i hate every single one of you tonight (IKDK: Yes, hate us)

@Drew_Phenson: At the GHOSTFACE show now.. We gon kill it like always #thecomeupshow #ShotByDrew

@infini_dee247: Bring on Ghostface already! I'm gettin old fo dis shit... (IKDK: I agree)

@Suriega: ghostface..come out!! some guy sucking a lolipop front row , the fucks going on here


@annkica: Just two white chicks at a ghostface killah show right meow

@Tricky_Lake: Going to Ghostface to pick up guys. BRB

@ear2ear: I will say is, I definitely underestimated the Ghostface love in Toronto.

@TheUnionEast: Ghostface Killah @soundacademy is officially sold out!

@ImScottRamirez: A quarter of the city is at the Ghostface show at Sound Academy

@RoyaleG: Ghostface just runnin' through joints.

@ShesSoRaw: Holayyy fuck I love the way he bounces while he raps and pulls his toque over his eye #Ghostface

@DaniKBrown: Currently at the Ghostface Killah show. AM I HIGH?!?!?!

@GrandAnalog: Ghostface Killah in Toronto. Packed to the fish in here. Entire joint is smoked out. Tony just blazed thru 6 tracks in 3 mins. All burners.

@IKvsDK: Killah priest nice! #ghostface @rebharath

@NaphtaliOnline: OH snap! Killa Priest is all up on this shit @ the Ghostface concert!!!!!!! #TORONTO

@danDlionRoars: #Ghostface rocking the mic! Taking it back Wu Tang style #hiphop4ever

@jordanastein: Strobe lights, weed smoke. #ghostface

@PlatoPutas: Ghostface doing classic Wu cuts reminds me of going to HMV's bassment every Tuesday for the latest Wu member album. #HowOldAmI!

@NaphtaliOnline: Lighters in the air @ The Ghostface Concert!!!! @iluvlola

@vatKEEZY: Ghostface ending it off properly at Sound Academy! Toronto crowds still suck tho

@juliushaag: Everyone who's leaving ghostface early to jump a cab is missing some classics, and probably shouldn't have come at all.

@SladeWilson0021: Ghostface concert was decent... But shorter than I expected.

@PrymeTymeBeats: Ghostface just ripped it the fuck up! Whata live concert, brought out some absolute classics!


Devon Williams / Persian Rugs / Grounders at the Garrison Toronto Wednesday November 30th

Wednesday night out and a choice between Lana Del someone and Slumberland king Devon Williams. Easy decision. After taking down some pulled pork poutine goodness at the Lakeview headed over to the no frills Garrison for the show at a bargain price of $12 dollars. These days Slumberland Records (out of the US) seem to have found the golden path with bands such as Big Troubles, Girl Names, Spectrals, Veronica Falls, Terry Malts and the list goes on. The bill included local bands Grounders and Persian Rugs who both were entertaining. Turnout was quite sparse for this gig and by the time Devon Williams hit the stage at 11:00 most of the friends of the first two bands had left leaving about 25 people to watch Devon put on a short spirited set.

Here is what people had to say (or at least what IKDK said):


@IKvsDK: Grounders were kinda catchy #garrison #devonwilliams

Persian Rugs

@IKvsDK: The Persian Rugs wthout the the #garrison #devonwilliams #toronto #ikdk #guitarpop

@IKvsDK: The Persian Rugs without the the have some nice tunes #garrison #toronto #devonwilliams #toronto #slumberland

@ECMusictv: Persian Rugs had a good little set @ The Garrison. Should really apply to Halifax Pop Explosion & get themselves out East

Devon Williams

@panicmanual: @IKvsDK is trying to get me to go to garrison a fter lana del rey for devon williams.... who is going to that? (IKDK: Not Panic Manual)

@IKvsDK: Getting ready for devon williams #slumberland #garrison #toronto #ikdk

@saelantwerdy: Devon Williams and his band just played a cover of the Soft Boys' "Queen of Eyes" that was worth the price of admission. (IKDK: Endorses Underwater Moonlight by The Soft Boys