Monday, January 30, 2012

Nightlife - On The Run (Hype 0173)

Icy Indieclubber. Matches the snow falling in Toronto right now. Nice! Double Nice!


Upcoming Concerts as of January 30, 2012 in Toronto

Tuco is planning on taking in these concerts. Welcome to any suggestions!

26 Feb Children of Bodom (Sound Academy)
23 Mar Saul Williams (Great Hall)
16 Apr Rodrigo y Gabriela (Massey Hall)
02 May Yann Tiersen (The Phoenix)
17 May Meshuggah (Sound Academy)
28 May Garbage (The Phoenix)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saint Etienne Tonight (Hype 0172)

Best band in the world? St Etienne are back with a new single and a forthcoming album out in the near future.

Check out IKDK's official Saint Etienne discography site: SaintEtienneDisco


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fujiya and Miyagi January 24, 2012 Wrong Bar Toronto

UK outfit Fujiya and Miyagi brought their indie funk stik to the Wrong Bar Tuesday night for a mixed set of tracks taken from their 4 albums including my fav's Yo-Yo, Knickerbocker, and Uh. Been to the Wrong bar 5-6 times but didn't realize the sound system is specifically targeted for the back of the bar. For the first 5 songs I was thinking the sound was off. Not sure why they wouldn't have the sound system wired for the whole room. Unfortunately heard two of my fav tracks with the monotone sound. Half way through Tuco and I figured out the issue and got to enjoy a great concert which could have been epic only if we had figured it all out earlier. Note to Wrong Bar. Wire your whole bar for sound. Fuuny enough opener Volcano Playground sounded pretty good even with the poor sound. Would love to hear them with good sound.

Here's what they said:

Volcano Playground

@gillzfest: @VolcanoPlayground opening for @Fujiya&Miyagi @wrongbar sounds so good. Perfect opening to a fantastic show.

Fujiya and Miyagi

@Tuco: Great visuals. Nice drums and bass. Top end getting lost unfortunately #fujiyamiyagi #wrongbar (IKDK: We were standing in the wrong place)

@katerryna: Fujiya & Miyagi - yay! (@ Wrongbar)

@gillzfest: Makin' me dance! @fujiya&miyagi @wrongbar

@QuipMag: Also, they are pretty damn amazing - Fujiya & Miyagi

@shimmii: Fujiya & Miyagi brighten up my Tuesday evening! #fulltimehobby

@gillzfest: People need to stop fucking talking. I paid to hear the band - NOT YOU! @fujiya&miyagi

@shimmii: The hipsters are finally groovin. #fujiya&miyagi

@tattsjane: The ratio of ladies to guys @fujiya&miyagi gig is approx...My crew to rest of room. Boy-fest. (IKDK: Interesting; we were actually thinking it was more of a Girl-fest)

@IKvsDK: Moving Dancing Fujiya & Miyagi #wrongbar #knickerbocker #yoyo

@Tuco: You got to know your place on the food chain #fujiyamiyagi #wrongbar


The 2 Bears - Work (Saint Etienne Remix) (Hype 0170R)

Saint Etienne remix The 2 Bears early nineties club style. Nice!!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grimes-Genesis (Hype 0163)

Canadian outfit Grimes with Genesis and an album due out on 4AD. Nuff said. Grimes play a show in Toronto on March 19th.


Sunday, January 8, 2012