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Red Hot Chili Peppers and Sleigh Bells, Air Canada Centre, Toronto April 28th, 2012

IKvsDK and Tuco worked some capitalist magic to check out Sleigh Bells and the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Air Canada Centre on Saturday. This was the second of a two concert stand under the watchful eyes of Frank Mahvolich's retired banner. IKvsDK was stoked to see Sleigh Bells and Tuco continues his morbid fascination with the ugly world of stadium concerts.

We got into this local corporate paradise with some time to spare and struggled to locate some decent beer. Settling for MGD, we settled in with about a quarter of the cavernous venue present before Sleigh Bells took to the stage.

Sleigh Bells are an outfit from Brooklyn with an unusual setup and an interesting backstory. The band consisted of one guy off to the side working a drum and bass machine and a singer. The touring configuration features two guitarists. The singer Alexis Krauss was a Rhodes scholar but decided to pursue music instead (WTF - the planet is apparently in dire need of indie rock).

The twin Jackson guitar attack looked especially menacing and were just a few shades warmer than a "metal" tone. (Sleigher ??). Krauss had a range of screams and a vaguely punk styling. She also had a nice pair of shorts that had Tuco mildly distracted. IKvsDK recognized some of the tracks and there were signs of appreciation in the sparsely populated Hanger including some people in the floor section getting up to dance.

The guitars went off stage after a few tracks leaving Krauss there to work alone with her compadre just off stage with a laptop. The ACC seems to have some other kind of sound system; it was difficult to match the sound with the four (or so) Marshall stacks on stage. The sound was good nonetheless.

Krauss took some speed off the tracks and tried out some slower stuff. The guitarists came back on and Krauss regalled the growing audience with the story of how RHCP chose them to open the gig. Krauss shed some layers and closed out the set. Amazingly, the venue didn't seem close to full. IKvsDK did some quick math and figured the crowd to be about five to six thousand. Well-hidden.

Intermission of a sort and Josh went off in search of good beer. More people in the seats now and the floor area security started to earn their paycheques. Josh returned empty-handed after getting some bad advice. I decided to try one last time but scrambled back when the crowd started cheering. It truly is a shame the ACC has gone with Molson and deprived concert-goers of some choice in refreshments.

By this time it was a few minutes past the 9pm. The ACC finally looked like it was full. (Aside: TFC were already down a goal.) The lights dimmed and Flea and Chad took the stage. New guitarist Josh Klinghoffer sauntered out and shortly after frontman Anthony Kiedis made the trek to the mic. Ladies and Gentlemen - the Red Hot Chili Peppers!

RHCP launched into Monarchy of Roses and everyone was on their feet. A great start and the crowd was into it. The first few songs were all hits and it gave Tuco a chance to take in the stage setup. Amazingly, the Red Hots had one rather garrish Marshall to the house right as a stage prop. Hiding behind this amp just off to the side of Chad was Mauro, a Brazillian percussionist who operated some other devices.

ACC Security were also cracking heads as they quickly converged on miscreants in the floor section. I guess that's the price one pays for floor - to be subject of such inordinate attention. One guy tried to do some crowd surfing, and made it a few rows back before being dropped and escorted out. The fellow that boosted him was gone too shortly after. Another pair of guys tried to take off their shirts and were confronted by ACC security to put those shirts back on which they dutifully did. Some of the crowd were jumping up and down too exhubirantly - fortunately, ACC security were there to save the day. All of this cracking down on those having fun meant plumes of cannabis smoke from some avid leaf worshippers went largely unnoticed.

Hovering over the band was a robot-controlled display with about six or eight display panels with various visuals on them. Some were prerecorded others were supplied by cutting in feeds from four cameras, each tracking a band member, onto the displays in alteration.

From our vantage point, we got a pretty good look at Josh Klinghoffer the guy recommended by the legend John Frusciante. Klinghoffer was really good. He's definitely got alot of the Frusciante sound but combines his own thing as well. It's speaks to the quality of RHCP's sound how important it was to get someone that could bring something close to what Frusciante brought. Not just in terms of chops but that intangible element (style?) that separates a guitarist from an icon. Yes, Frusciante deserves that kind of status at this point in the game. And Klinghoffer handled the scene admirably.

The Peppers continued playing though mostly newer material. Chad Smith kept throwing drumsticks out to the crowd - He must have gone through about 5 pairs during the evening. Tuco took in the stage while IKvsDK scoped the crowd. Quite a diverse audience

About midway were the two songs that got the best audience reactions - Higher Ground and Under the Bridge. The latter in particular was particularly electric as the crowd roared. Toronto audiences can be some of the lamest in the world so it was nice to hear one respond enthusiastically to a great tune.

Another few tracks and Kiedis bopped over stage left where his daughter was taking in the concert with a lightsabre. The display panels started showing some crowd shots which was basically an array of young ladies in the crowd. Got to hand it to the camerapeople - nice work. Just before intermission, Kiedis turned to the audience and apologized to someone in the front row about the possibly offensive language. RHCP went off the stage and IKvsDK checked the time/score - TFC had tied it up and we had about 25 minutes to go before the ACC-imposed curfew.

That apology for offensive language turned out to be harbinger of ultimate bawdiness as RHCP handstanded their way back on stage for the encore with my favourite RHCP song of all time, Sir Psycho Sexy.

Now I lay me down to sleep I
Pray the funk won't make me freaked
If I should die before I waked
Allow me Lord, to rock out naked

The sound people turned up the bass for Flea - I could feel it all the way in my duodenum. Josh Klinghoffer had donned a Leafs jersey, but amazingly this didn't blight his guitar work.

Last song was Give It Away and Flea finally came over to our side of the stage playing the bass on a track I tabbed in school. Nostalgia plateau. Flea is a Boss!

Here is the setlist courtesy of

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Santigold - Disparate Youth (Hype 0213)

New electro rnb tinged single from Santigold. Its been four years since her self-titled debut and she is back with her second album Master of My Make-Believe. Santigold is at the Kool Haus in Toronto on May 15th. Golden!

Sound It Out Bloor Cinema April 28, 2012 Vinyl Records

Checked out a record store documentary at the nicely renovated Bloor Cinema at Bloor and Bathurst. The doc was on the last standing record shop in Teesside UK, which is still located up in Northern England as of looking up their website on the web yesterday. The store is a Rotate This/Vortex type of shop specializing in used and new music. They also dabble in the internet. The documentary takes place around the time of Record Store Day 2010. It was the official movie of Record Store Day 2011. The documentary is done by Jeanie Finlay who grew up 3 miles away from the shop. The caption on the official movie site describes the movie well "A distinctive, funny and intimate film about men, the North and the irreplaceable role music plays in our lives."

I've seen a number of documentary/movies about record stores, record collecting and djs including High Fidelity, Ghost World and the Canadian documentary Vinyl. Sound It Out definately is a great engaging doc on record store life. Having worked in a Tower Records for 3.5 years of my life I definately relate to some of the quirkiness of the film.

Find below the trailer for the film. Recommended viewing of you can track down the 75 minute doc.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Drums Craft Spells Part Time Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto April 27, 2012

Friday night out in Toronto and three great bands (1 new, two old) at the Phoenix Concert Theatre. Made it to the Phoenix for 7:30 to grab prime seats on the balcony so there would be no standing for 4 hours.

Live Nation had the setlists switched up and Part Time started before Craft Spells which was what I was originally expecting. Part Time, who I'd never heard before, were fantastic which lead me to searchdown their one album called What Would You Say on Mexican Summer. I was thinking a very indie Prefab Sprout as I listened to their 30 minute set.

Next up was Craft Spells. This was the second time I'd seen this Captured Tracks band. They are touring on the strength of their first album Idle Labor and the brand new EP due out in May called Gallery. Nice 30 minute set from the band with kind banted about likeing visiting Toronto. One true supporter danced through the whole set as the sea of dead still people watched. It took the big single After the Moment to get the crowd to show some emotion. Great set and a nice teaser for Gallery.

Finally up was the Drums touring on the strength of their second album Portamento. Our friends at Panic Manual didn't like this album but we give it a thumbs up here at IKDK. I have to say the lead singer of the Drums has some very interesting shimmy shake dance moves. A nice hour long set which featured a mix of tracks from the two albums. Had good company this concert with some interesting music loving folk (and maybe alittle intoxicated) sitting at my table and discussing music and trying to buy me drinks all night. There are some quirky but friendly people still left in Toronto. The balcony at the Phoenix actually turned into alittle bit of a dance floor upstairs which was cool although the slow dancing by one couple seemed alittle akward and abit like high school all over again. The night ended with the ever popular Let's Go Surfing and a crowd all ramped up and dancing.

After a long week at work I was able to be home before Midnight. I love the Phoenix Concert Theatre. It's starting to be my number one venue to see shows at.

This is what the twitter world said about the show:

Part Time

@IKvsDK: Part time up first #phoenix #jangily #good

@IKvsDK: Part Time just sold me #phoenix #amazing

@acidsunny: They are Part time! Opening band is great!!! @ Phoenix Concert Theatre

Craft Spells

@IKvsDK: Craft Spells #phoenix #capturedtracks #nice

@dklamba: "i want to put him in my pockeeett" -karam talking about the @craft_spells lead singer.

@rob_duffy: Craft Spells opening for The Drums and sounding even better than that time I bought their tshirt last summer.

@VnicioB: Loved the show! I thought that @craft_spells' music would not sound the same live but I was wrong.. sounds crazier! thanks guys!

The Drums

@Heather_Horton: The Drums tonight in #Toronto. Great show! Long live good music....:)

@tonnim: Whoop! The Drums at the Phoenix

‏@IKvsDK: Drums #phoenix #fastforward @ineska: Gone surfing with the Drums.

Craft Spells remixing The Drums track Money. The best of both worlds:

Friday, April 27, 2012

Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks (Hype 0212)

This song is all over the place. Not sure what makes a song a hit worldwide as this sounds just like another catchy indie track. I have to admit this didn't catch my ear the first time I heard it but has grown on me. The album is called My Head Is An Animal.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Havok, Krisiun, Death Angel and Sepultura at The Opera House, April 23rd

It was a dark and stormy night, when Tuco ventured out from the comforts of his doghouse to catch some Metal. Metal shows continue to be the best value in Toronto - not just in Decibels per dollar but in Bands per show. I expected two acts maybe three but four quality bands is a fantastic deal.

Got to the Opera House with some time to spare and settled in with a Moosehead and a look at the merchandise table. The artwork for Death Angel was pretty good but the Sepultura football (soccer) jersey hit the right subversive spots in my psyche. I made a mental note to find an ATM.

By this time, some chanting was coming through the stage speakers. Kind of a monk-like abbey sound but more ominous tone. This built for about a minute and then Havok appeared on stage launching into their first track. Great great opening!

Havok featured a tenor-ranged screaming singer/lead guitarist, bassist, rhythm guitarist and drummer. Fun songs without alot of menace. One of their songs was about No Karate in the Pit - singling out those clowns that like to channel their inner Steven Seagal when they should be moshing. Their best song was probably Covering fire. Here's the setlist

Next up was a trio called Krisiun. The bassist doubled as the vocallist with a more growling baritone range. A technical problem emerged through the first song where the guitar wasn't getting through. The tech guys, including one dude rocking a Megadeth "Killing Is My Business" patch on his jacket, went to work resolving the problem. In the mean time the drummer went on an impressive solo filling the few minutes in between. Nice job dude! Krisiun seemed a bit lower energy than Havok - less thrashy more doom. Apparently they are from Brazil as well.

Another thing that became apparent is that it's not easy getting a sound across that is both muddy and dissonant. Metal has alot of dissonance that requires a cleaner sound. Not sure whether it was the venue, the levels or the trio - the sound didn't really seem to work for the set. Here's the setlist

Grabbed another drink and set out looking for that ATM. Got the jersey and settled in for Death Angel. Death Angel has a longish history and is probably the most well known Filipino metal band out there. I've heard some of their studio stuff (decent) and was stoked they were on the bill.

Death Angel hit the stage and eased into their set. Here's the setlist. I listened to a few tracks on their Relentless Revolution album - pretty good.

Another break, another drink and finally, Sepultura took the stage. Green was rocking a Crowbar t-shirt (not the Canadian band, the American one). Was really impressed with Green - he's taken Sepultura in a different direction from Cavelera and while this Mark II version has yet to eclipse the original lineup, there's a different vibe that has it's pull. Green had a tom drum set up next to him that he would join in with on some tracks which was a neat effect. This leaves the guitar work to Andreas Kisser who seems very comfortable taking on the role of lone guitar. The drummer, while not Igor Cavelera, looked very intense and frankly a little juiced.

Good coverage of their catalog including my favourite Sepultura track Dead embryonic cells. Here's the setlist.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Echo Lake - Even the Blind (Hype 0211)

Blinding dreamy indiepop track from Echo Lake taken from the debut album Wild Peace out on Slumberland Records in the USA and No Pain In Pop in Europe. Sonic chilling guitars. Nice!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

Billy Bryans Parachute Club Rise Up (R.I.P. 003)

I saw my first rock concert in 1983 with my parents. The band was Canadian outfit The Parachute Club. It was a free show up in Ottawa on parliament hill or something like that. Yes, Rise Up. The band would go on to release three albums and many great singles before breaking up in 1989. Its a sad day as percussionist, songwriter, music producer and founding member Billy Bryans died today of cancer at the age of 62. Billy, we will continue to Rise Up.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Orbital - New France (feat. Zola Jesus) (Hype 0209)

Chilling hypnotic piece from electronica pioneers Orbital taken from their new album Wonky featuring the haunting vocals of Zola Jesus. Nice!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Little Chords - When Love Ends (Hype 0208)

Etherial pop music from the Little Chords. Supposedly a side project of Teen Daze? Nice!


Bigfoot Horseshoe Tavern Toronto April 18, 2012

Toronto band Bigfoot rocked the Horseshoe on Wednesday night with their blend of Alternometal. There was even a Bigfoot sighting on keyboards. A nice gimmick. Their first album is floating around in bootlegged form. The band is currently on tour across Ontario as they continue to get bigger and bigger. A 4 man mosh pit even developed for a minute for the last song. The band's next stop is the Mod Club on April 27th.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Dramatic etherial electronic indie cut from the Chromatics new album Kill For Love on the Italians Do It Better Label. Hype!!!!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rodrigo y Gabriela at Massey Hall, Toronto April 16th, 2012

Rodrigo and Gabriela and C.U.B.A. hit the Massey Hall stage on monday evening to lay down some Awesome for a diverse crowd and Tuco was there to catch some of it. Got to the venue with some time to spare but unfortunately could not locate the drinks in time for the start of the first act: Bobby Long from England.

Bobby Long, with the vibe of a hippie, started off with a song about love and hurt with the line "You owe me an apology". Somewhat appropriate as Massey was only about one-quarter full at this point.

Something has to be said about the guitar, voice and spotlight combination which is almost its own art form. It combines the visceral and the soulful - gotta give a performer credit for taking this gimick-free way to connect with a crowd. It seems like a tough gig; sometimes it can be as impersonal as a ranting lunatic on the sidewalk or as intimate as a lap dance.

BL was tending toward anguish. He had a song in remembrance of his grandfather who fought in the Big War. That's what guitar and voice is about - personal histories and quasi-therapy rather than harsh truths. I try to imagine an acoustic set from Kerry King - yeah, wouldn't work.

Spotlight is inducing sweat spray as BL works. He breaks a string, raps with the audience about the names for his guitars and picks up the rest of the song. Nice job. Another love song, spotlights lower and we get a chance to hear a song with some dynamic range which I absolutely love. (Why is it so rare for a band/artist to take the volume down?)

Last song is about Oprah - BL mines current Toronto events expertly - and death. Exits stage left. Nice session Bobby Long.

Brief interlude with some tracks pumping through the PA system at low volume. Hall is about half full now and I vow to go drinkless for the rest of the night. Panicmanual is in the house with some amigos - plum spot too: dead centre 2nd row.

And we are off with Rodrigo, Gabriela and C.U.B.A. taking the stage. The crowd is primed (three-quarters full) and supportive. C.U.B.A. is a Cuban band featuring an acoustic guitar, drummer, bassist, sax/flute guy, trumpet/percussion guy and pianist.

For the most part the band stuck to the jazz form where the band provided the beat and one musician did the solo. Each musician did a really good job with the trumpetter, bassist and pianist really impressing. The drummer did not actually get a solo spot. Seems like this is the only way to organize this many musicians and it was effective. Unfortunately, this has an effect of encouraging alot of crowd interruptions as the audience breaks out in applause after each musician finishes a solo, but this wasn't meant to be a Symphony.

The set is comprised of alot from their most recent album Area 52 and some snippets of past work from 11:11.

After an initial few tracks with Rodrigo and Gabriela roaming the stage, they settled for a seat at the very back of the stage at the centre of a semicircle with the band and people at the sides were craning to catch a glimpse of them. With some free seats available, alot of poachers migrated to the centre seats.

Rodrigo was the first to rap with the crowd and gave us the rundown. He didn't really go into the reasons why this was only the second time the band has played Toronto, but some references to how "civilized" the audience was behaving suggested they have alot more fun elsewhere. TO is a little too staid and buttoned-down. Have to agree with him, the audience participation on average in Toronto sucks. Zero energy and vitality in a typical Toronto audience. This was most glaring in that it took nearly the whole concert for people to get out of their seats and make their way to the area in front of the stage.

Gabriela was next on the mic exhorting the crowd to "dance naked" which was another playful jab at our collective propriety. She also gave us a partial setlist with the following tracks opening the proceedings:

  • Santo Domingo
  • Hanuman
  • Los Lobos
  • Ixtapa

Once Rodrigo and Gabriela got out of the semi-circle, they were ranging over the stage alot more which was much better. Also nice were the visuals where, projected onto the back screen was a live black and white feed from one of two cameras (alternating) with one shooting from the front of the stage and the other from the back.

Fortunately, the audience, while a little shy, was receptive to the encouragement from Rodrigo and Gabriela. Gabriela's energy was infectious and Rodrigo didn't have to do too much crowd directing. There was one really cool audience effect when Rodrigo got three sections of the crowd clapping with different rhythms combining into a great beat. Very cool!

The best moment of the night for me was when Gabriela did a solo combining her flamenco guitar stylings with a wah-wah pedal. Combining this with a "Boom" that she produced by hitting all the strings, Gabriella produced a really unique sound which somehow worked. In general, the effects were really well done and spare.

I should make a note about Rodrigo picking which is really amazing. I would call this the core of the band's sound. There is something about the unelectric sound of acoustic guitar that is a bit of a time warp. To think our generation grew up hearing more electric guitar than acoustic - opposite to the way it used to be. Rodrigo demonstrated how much can be done with an acoustic sound without relying on a bunch of pedals.

The finale was a last cycle through all of the musicians each taking a solo. My hands were numb from clapping. The outro music was AC/DC For those about to Rock We Salute You. Fans scrambled to the front and Rodrigo and Gabriella graciously signed autographs and took pictures - so unpretentious - a very classy duo.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Young Prisms - Floating in Blue (Hype 0206)

Shoegazing goodness from the Young Prisms taken from the new album In Between. Drifting, swirling guitars ala 1990. Nice!


Monday, April 16, 2012

tUnE-yArDs - My Country (Hype 0205)

Tune Yards gets crazy, tribal, and saxy with third single My Country from the album Who Kill Country. Off the 4AD label. Reminds me alittle bit of Bow Wow Wow. Tune-yards is back in Toronto on August 1, 2012 for a concert at the Phoenix Concert Theatre.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ministry Relapse and Killing Joke MMXII New Albums 2012

I was very curious to hear what classic (pre-Nirvana) alternative bands Killing Joke and Ministry were up to when I heard that they both had new albums out. I'd been a fan of albums such as Twitch and Brighter Than a Thousand Suns back in the day.

I was disappointed with what I heard out of the first singles and started to wonder if I'd simply moved on 25 years later. The best of the two was Killing Joke's In Cythera with its melodic eighties guitars in tact and alternopop vocals.


The ministry track 99 Percenters was however a painful piece of noise.


What do you think?

Sharks - Arcane Effigies (Hype 0204)

Great new single from The Sharks off their latest album No Gods. Easy going straight up punk pop music from this UK band.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Memoryhouse at the El Mocambo Toronto April 13, 2012

Memoryhouse were at the El Mocambo last night promoting their Subpop Release The Slideshow Effect. Surprisingly this show wasn't very busy and by the time the band had finished 1/2 of their set around 12:30PM there was maybe only around 50 people left watching the show. Call it a Friday night or maybe people just don't want to be out after 12:00PM. I sure don't after a week of work. Great show from a band that has made Canada its home base.

Two Toronto bands opened up called Volcano Playground and Paradise Animals. Both had their mix of hit and miss tracks. Volcano Playground had some very good shoegazing moments whereas Paradise Animals had some funky moments.

Here's what they said on Twitter:

@memoryhouse: Toronto! I'm excited!

‏@sarahvandewalkr: Beers and memoryhouse soon. I am happppppppy (IKDK: Not to soon; they aren't coming on until Midnight

@IKvsDK: Memoryhouse #elmocambo #subpop

@memoryhouse: Sad to have missed that Pit/Philly game, sounds pretty amazing.

@IKvsDK: Waiting for memoryhouse to take the stage #12:00 #subpop

@imacgill: Memoryhouse are really good as usual. Too bad there is such a small crowd here to watch them.

Video: Youtube Video

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Cornershop - Milkin It (Hype 0201)

Always liked the quirkiness of a Cornershop track. Milkin It is the first single off Urban Turban released in May. Some hip-hop goin on here.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Theme Park - Ghosts (Hype 200)

Jangily pop track from UK band Theme Park called Ghosts gets the 200th hype from IKDK and Easter Sunday single 2012.


The Jam - Town Called Malice (Retro 012)

Classic track from the mod days of the early eighties. Town called Malice just turned 30. Taken from the album The Gift. Paul Weller will actually be in town doing the solo thing on May 21st to support his new album Sonik Kicks. Happy Easter Sunday everyone!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cassie - King of Hearts (Kanye West Remix) (Hype 0199)

Slamming remix by Kanye of a very catchy single by Cassie. Definately a Saturday night tune. This is the same Cassie that released her self-titled first album 6 years ago on Bad Boy Entertainment with the classic cut Me and U. Not sure why it took so long to release a new album. Kanye slices and dices this up with samples of the classic Royal House (Todd Terry) house track Can You Feel It. Nice club/rnb track.


Friday, April 6, 2012

English Beat Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto April 5, 2012 Setlist

There was alot of skankin goin on at the Phoenix Concert Theatre last night as the grandfathers of ska played almost 2 hours of Beat madness. IKDK created their own guestlist last night and snuck into the sold out show. The show hadn't even started yet and the crowd was already moving to the sounds of ska tunes being played on the sound system.

Opening up the show were Canadian band Half Beat. Their sound was a mixture of punk and ska. They went through a setlist mixed with Offspring sounding cuts (at least thats what they said) and energy blitz originals. Unfortunately the crowd wasn't getting it. Even a cover of the Beatles Twist and Shout couldn't muster a response. Their final tune of the night was probably their best and got some people dancing.

English Beat USA came on about 9:30 and had the crowd dancing right off the mark. They then cruised through an energetic mix of English Beat and General Public tracks. The USA version of the band is headed up by the only original member from the band David Wakeling. There is actually a UK touring version of the band who is headed up by original members Everett Morton and Ranking Roger. Orignal members Saxa, David Steele (FYC) and Andy Cox (FYC) are not involved at all.

This was the set list (note their second album Wha'ppen was completely ignored last night):

Rough Rider (I Just Can't Stop It)
Tears Of A Clown (I Just Can't Stop It)
Hands Off She's Mine (I Just Can't Stop It)
Twist N Crawl (I Just Can't Stop It)
I'll Take You There (Threesome Soundtrack) General Public Track
I Confess (Special Beat Service)
Click Click (I Just Can't Stop It)
Save It For Later (Special Beat Service)
Whine and Grind/Stand Down Margaret (I Just Can't Stop It)
Two Swords (I Just Can't Stop It)
Can't Get Used to Losing You (I Just Can't Stop It)
Soul Salvation (Special Beat Service)
Never You Done That (All The Rage) General Public Track
Tenderness (All The Rage) General Public Track
Give Me The Ska (n/a) Improved Track
Ranking Full Stop (I Just Can't Stop It)
Mirror In The Bathroom (I Just Can't Stop It)

Overall a great concert. Here is what the Twitter people said:

@IKvsDK: Openers Half Beat asked us if we liked offspring. #keepemseparated

@karenvonhahn: English Beat @thephoenix tonight!

@linanneblack: Thanks for reminding us the show is 19+, but I doubt the bouncer will be too busy turning away rogue teens from the English Beat concert. (IKDK: True, the majority of the crowd was way past 19.)

@YourPoisonIvy: Omg..... I just met the lead singer of The English Beat!!!! David!

‏@RockerWall: Everett Morton of The (English) Beat turns 61 today! (IKDK: unfortunately Morton is in the UK version of the Beat so we didn't celebrate with him)

@digallo: waiting. excited. soon... The English Beat... #music

@IKvsDK: English Beat #phoenix #rankinfullstop #toronto with @rebharath and @lau_ally and @hardingyoung in spirit

@kikotents: At the English Beat show. #classic

@ShannonYYZ: English Beat = Middle-Age-a-Palooza. Yay 80s!!! (IKDK: True!)

@kenzomiwa: Blast from the past. The English Beat at The Phoenix.

‏@IKvsDK: I thought this was a english beat concert #tenderness #generalpublic #phoenix

@PDidzzy: The English Beat are touring. I'm sorry but without Rankin' Roger you can get fucked. (IKDK: We've heard that too but this show was pretty good.)

@SavedByTheBeard: Dear ladies outside The English Beat concert: I CAN MAKE YOU FEEL YOUNG AGAIN. (IKDK: creepy)

@IKvsDK: English Beat. No encore. But frans was playing general public when we walked in #coincidence #encore

@dLggy: Finally "home" from the show. Crashing at my sister's place. English Beat? Awesome as usual. Night night. Zzz...

@YourPoisonIvy: Wicked time tonight at The English Beat concert... ♥__♥. Front and center & got to meet the band :D

‏@dougalgodfrey: The English Beat put on another incredible show, but no encore. Still, kick ass show. Lots of sausages, but still fun. #thebeat #pheonix (IKDK: Damn, I didn't know the Phoenix served food. You spelt phoenix wrong)

@alexdigenis: Grade six reunion at the English beat concert. What a great night.

@HardingYoung: @IKvsDK How was the Beat?

@IKvsDK: @HardingYoung Fantastic. We snuck in. 2 hours of General Public and English Beat tracks.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bear in Heaven - Reflection of You (Hype 0198)

Not sure what to think of this indie cut and paste chiller from Bear In Heaven. Synthetic water. The band will be at the Garrison on May 5th. Will need to go as Blouse is opening up.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Split Enz - Six Months In A Leaky Boat (Retro 011)

Classic track from the Finn Brothers as Split Enz. Massive eighties hit which is now thirty years old and still going strong.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Princeton - Remembrance of Things to Come (Hype 0197)

Brand new track from Princeton's new album Remembrance of Things to Come. Nice bouncy indie track with strings from this US based band.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Spoons at Revival March 30, 2012 Toronto Setlist

Thanks to Penn for the picture.

Canadian new wave outfit the Spoons were back to celebrate the release of Nova Heart, their second and quite big single, thirty years later. Hard to believe its almost been 28 years since I saw them rotating two nights in a row on the Ontario Place forum stage playing for thousands of people in my teens. The band is as exciting to see as they were thirty years ago running through a mix of their hits and new tracks from their pretty good new album called Static In Transmission.

The concert was at revival where they charge $7.50 for a bottle of Keiths. Ouch. The show was sponsored by some radio station called Boom who play the hits of the sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties. Interesting focus which I can only assume is an outlet to play major label back catalog at nauseum.

I got to the venue early enough to catch the two opening bands. The first band was called Calling August who by their Facebook website is unsigned duo although there seemed to be more people on stage. They did have a catchy single called In Jamaica which really stuck in the brain.

The second band Puncturevine were an electronic industrial band who describe themselves on Twitter as: An emotionally vibrant and highly charged hybrid of the organic and electronic, Puncturevine breathes long-lost life into modern music. Simply put this band was weird and sounded like some very bad eurodance music from the early nineties including industrial rapping. Their last song was a cover of the Donna Summer classic I Feel Love which one of the singers prefaced as potentially being from the seventies. HA!

The Spoons came on at about 11:00 PM and played a set that spanned their whole eighties career:

Arias And Symphonies (Arias And Symphonies - 1982)
Smiling In Winter (Arias And Symphonies - 1982)
Starmaps (Static In Transmission - 2011)
Imperfekt (Static In Transmission - 2011)
Old Emotions (Talk Back - 1983)
The Rhythm (Talk Back - 1983)
Waterline (Vertigo Tango - 1988)
Escape With You (Static In Transmission - 2011)
You Light Up (Static In Transmission - 2011)
Romantic Traffic (Tell No Lies/Romantic Traffic EP - 1984)
Rodeo (Bridges Over Borders - 1986)
End Of Story (Static In Transmission - 2011)
Tell No Lies (Tell No Lies/Romantic Traffic EP - 1984)
Nova Heart (Arias And Symphonies - 1982)


Bridges Over Borders (Bridges Over Borders - 1986)
When Time Turns Around (Vertigo Tango - 1988)
Nova Heart (New Version) (Nova Heart 30th Anniversary EP - 2012)

Simply put the Spoons didn't disappoint.

Here is what the Twitter world said about the show:

@lanietreen: Very excited to see @thespoons tonight at Revival in Toronto. Congrats on the 30th anniversary of #NovaHeart , Gord & Sandy!

@Jeff_Inkster: At Rivival Niteclub w/ Maie Potts of BOOM 97.3 celebrating The Spoons 30th Anniversary of Nova Heart!

@IKvsDK: Tell no lies #revival #toronto

@irkatherine: Gord Deppe gave me his Les Paul! @thespoons happy 30th Nova Heart

@MelanieFisbane: Check out @thespoons new version of Nova Heart called "Singularity Mix." One of the best songs of the night. @WomenFishing

‏@irkatherine: @aRoseofSharon @thespoons That was an example of the depth of Gord's skill - and the solo version of Nova Heart was beautiful!

@aRoseofSharon: @thespoons Singularity Nova Heart was great too. It's my new favourite song now (all over again)!And I love the new intro to Tell No Lies:)

@thespoons: @MelanieFishbane Glad you liked the new Nova Heart. There's still life in that old song after all these years.