Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jessie Ware - If You're Never Gonna Move (Hype 0313)

Bumping rnb/pop track from Jessie Ware. Taken from her album Devotion. Jessie is at the Opera House in Toronto on April 6, 2013


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gojira w/ Devin Townsend Project and The Atlas Moth at The Phoenix, Feb 13, 2013

It's Valentine's Eve and Tuco took to the mean streets of Hogtown to hunt down the monstrous Gojira at The Phoenix. It was a sold out show with a salty crowd enduring the slow-moving lineup to get in; fairly typical for all ages events.

Aside: Something I learned only recently was that Gojira is Japanese for Godzilla. According to the Godzilla wiki, the legendary radioactive beast has never made it to France. Lucky.

Got into The Phoenix and made my way to the furthest and least crowded bar from the door which turned out to be on the balcony. The opening act The Atlas Moth were already into their set. First impressions were pretty good - I enjoyed the droning bass and spacy guitar licks. The singing was "effortless" in the sense that there was a lack of urgency or possibly interest - which was alright for this crowd and the situation. Everything kind of worked.

The frontman was engaging and had some good one-liners. He gave a shout-out to their label Profound Lore headed up by a Canadian which may be why they were in Toronto in the first place. The sound was good enough that I forked over $10 (or 1.5 beers) for their latest album. They are classified in the "post-metal" genre which may lack precision but is on the "good" end of my own personal 2-state "good or garbage" classification system.

Intermission music was Black Sabbath and I ventured down from the balcony to scope the scene on the main floor. Pretty full venue and a surprising number of ladies. A screen was up on-stage and soon a video montage featuring commercials and something like youtube videos (e.g. Chocolate Rain) beamed down on the captive audience. I instinctively started reading (TV-phobia) and a few minutes later the Devin Townsend Project had taken the stage.

Not sure what to make of Devin Townsend. He's got a "wacky" sense of humour which made it feel like he was trying alot harder than the opening act. This seemed to drive people away. Townsend is not shy and the show seemed to refocuss on him rather than the music.

Townsend tried to get the crowd to do "jazz hands" during a song and the effect was that any seriousness in the venue evaporated. It didn't work. A few more tracks and the DTP had completed its mission of lowering expectations. (Bravo).

Second intermission. I started scoping the crowd again and noticed a woman with a tattoo across her back which read: "Music is the brandy of the damned". The internet tells me this is attributed to George Bernard Shaw. Not sure what it means and if it deserved a tattoo but there you have it.

A very thorough sound check had commenced on stage. I went to check out the merch and watched as the security team hustled by. A shouty woman was being ejected from the premises. I resisted the urge to clap. Hustled back, grabbed my last (and worst) brew and settled in.

Gojira take the stage and the rather static crowd finally showed some life. There was a lot of movement on the stage as the guitarists and singer rotated expertly over and across the risers. Some crowd surfing at the front and a decent audience reaction as singer Joe Duplantier worked the crowd.

Joe spoke some words in French and unfortunately got more applause than comprehension from this Toronto audience. Désolé mon ami!

Gojira has a pretty good feel for the natural tempo of a song. Each track had the "right" pace and credit Joe's brother Mario on the kit for holding it together with some nice flourishes.

Joe and Mario did a brief switcharoo to let Mario try out some death growls which felt light-hearted. Overall, a moderately enthusiastic crowd and a solid performance from the band.

Here's the setlist.

The encore came after a minute or two of crowd chants and the show closed up around 11:30 which was just enough time to get a Smoke's poutine and chill out to some Twisted Sister (I want to rock).

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Indra -Let's Go Crazy (New/Old 008)

A track I had never heard before and which must have alluded the north american markets. Let's Go Crazy was Indra's first single released in 1990. Born in Sweden she moved to France with her then model boyfriend. She was discovered dancing in a Parisian night club, and was soon offered a recording contracy. Let's Go Crazy was a Hip House/Euro Dance type of track that hit number 11 in France. Her first album followed in 1991 called Temptation and spawned three more singles. Where is she now? Well she is still putting out music and released her sixth album in 2009. Check out the very cheezy nineties video below:


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Push The Sky Away (Album 001)

Nick Cave is back with the Bad Seeds for a new album called Push The Sky Away. Hmmm. Nick and the band are on tour now to support the album and will be at Massey Hall Toronto on March 23, 2013. Second single  from the album is Jubilee Street and video is below.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

City Reign - Making Plans (Hype 0312)

Manchester outfit City Reign out with a new single taken from their debut album Another Step coming out on Car Boot Records in February.