Sunday, July 31, 2011

Foxes in Fiction Out Of The Box Toronto Underground Theatre July 31, 2011

Took in day two of the three day Out Of The Box music festival here in Toronto courtesy of fellow blogger Indie Machine. This festival is definately just out of the box. I only heard about this very recently and I'm guessing that's potentially why the event was slightly dead. Maybe 30-40 people were around during the opening three bands slot of 9 PM to 12 PM (friends of the bands). Unfortunately, at midnight I was done and missed the last two bands. I also picked up some free old skool 3d glasses to watch the 3d shows they had on in the background including an excerpt from Dawn of the Dead. Here is who was playing

Foxes in Fiction
Human Bodies
Trap Tiger
Heartbeat Hotel

Foxes in Fiction was definately my fav and he only played for about 15 people at 9 PM and went through about 5 of his ambient chillout type tracks.

Here is what people said (or in this case, the only other person taking in the shows):

@IKvsDK Out of the box.chilling to foxes in fiction #undergroundtheatre #toronto

@AdhamGhanem Great 2 sets there from @foxesinfiction. Human Bodies up now at @TO_Underground for Out of the Box. #3D

@IKvsDK Out of the box early. Foxes in fiction epic. Thanks to indie machine for the hook up

@AdhamGhanem Btw, there's popcorn and beer here at @TO_Underground along with live bands and #3D films for Out of the Box fest. (IKDK: I don't know if this was really selling it)

@AdhamGhanem What a great set from Human Bodies. Trap Tiger rocking out now at @TO_Underground for Out of the Box fest. #3D @heartbeathotel next.

@AdhamGhanem @heartbeathotel using not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 4 guitar amps for their set! Right now at @TO_Underground for Out of the Box fest. #3D

@AdhamGhanem Here we go, @papermaps close out a great night 2 of Out of the Box fest at @TO_Underground. Come down before its too late. #3D

Foxes In Fiction - Bathurst


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