Monday, May 28, 2012

Saint Etienne Words And Music Album Review

Uk outfit with their first album in seven years. Where does the time go. Hard to believe its been approximately 21 years since they dropped their life changing Foxbase Alpha. Follow me as I take us through a guided tour of the new album track by track.

1. Over The Border: Nice way to open up the album with a nice conversational track reminiscing about the good old times and how everything always comes back to music even as we all grow older (and we do grow older). A very large number of Etienne's long term fans have probably hit forty by now so this song hits home pretty strong. The mention of Dexy's and Peter Gabriel brings chills. Nice!

2. I've Got The Music: The rumoured second single and its a europop disco stomper which will have you dancing right away. Nice!

3. Heading For The Fair: nice slow groove pop track. Reminds me of a possible outtake from Tales From Turnpike House or Finisterre.

4. Last Days Of Disco: This definately feels like a low key slow disco track from the seventies.

5. Tonight: The first single and anthemic track simply about "going out" Dbl Nice!!!

6. Answer Song: Possibly Saint Etienne's answer to the cut and paste style of the Avalanches. Swirling pop track. Backing vocals by seventies disco singer Tina Charles.

7. Record Doctor: a minute long acappella interlude

8. Popular: Housey disco sounding track....hmmm....

9. Twenty Five Years: Ouch, another song about getting older and potentially having only 25 years left. Slow track.....hmmmmm.....

10. DJ: Hi-Nrg track....has some nice rises and a very cool chorus but its not quite a single though. Maybe the remixes will elevate.

11. When I Was Seventeen: Future space-age pop....

12. I Threw It All Away: Slow drifting track leading us to the end.

13. Haunted Jukebox: Ends on a funky upbeat track.

Wow......7 years....I'm left wanting more. Cheers Saint Etienne.


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