Monday, September 24, 2012

Maestro Fresh Wes Dundas Square Toronto September 23, 2012

I have to say waiting for 2 1/2 hours after expecting Maestro to be on at 6:00 is painful. Especially when its freezing cold and I could be demolishing some Smoke's Poutine. And Maestro didn't have alot of time either. He was basically signalled to get off the stage as soon as he got on and didn't even make it through all of Let Your Backbone Slide. So what has Maestro been up to. Its almost been 25 years since he dropped Symphony In Full Effect. Well the Maestro is back with a new EP and hence why he was at the Manifesto festival to showcase alittle bit of it. Here is what his setlist looked like:

1) Drop The Needle (Symphony In Effect, 1989)
2) Criminal Mind (Urban Landmark 1989-2005, 2005)
3) Still Too Much (Ghetto Concept Presents 7 Bills All Stars Da Album, 2002)
4) Black Tuxedo (Black Tuxedo EP, 2012)
5) Stick To Your Vision (Built To Last, 1998)
6) Reach For The Sky (Black Tuxedo EP, 2012)
7) DJ Grouch Scratchfest
8) Prime Minister Freestyle
9) Let Your Backbone Slide (Symphony In Effect, 1989)

Not a bad little rushed set....with two dancing mounties at that....and DJ Grouch as his DJ.

Nice that the next DJ paid tribute by playing the instrumental to Conductin Things.

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