Friday, January 18, 2013

Midge Ure Hugh's Room Toronto January 14, 2012 Setlist

I got to catch the first of two shows at Hugh's Room out in Roncesvalles. This was my first time at the venue which is a dinner/show type of place. Quite the different experience for a concert.

Opening band was an american outfit called Right The Stars, who ended up being Midge's backing band. Weird. Not sure how that came together. Here was Midge's setlist. He definately jumped all around his career.

1) I See Hope In The Morning Light (1991; Pure)
2) Love's Great Adventure (1984; The Collection; Ultravox)
3) Call Of The Wild (1986; Call of The Wild single)
4) Breathe (1996; Breathe)
5) Fade To Grey (1980; Visage; Visage)
6) Cold Cold Heart(1991; Pure)
7) Answers To Nothing (1988; Answers To Nothing)
8) Just For You (1988; Answers To Nothing)
9) No Regrets (1982; No Regrets single; Tom Rush Cover)
10) Vienna (1980; Vienna; Ultravox)
11) Dear God (1988; Answers To Nothing)
12) One Small Day (1984; Lament; Ultravox)
13) Hymn (1982; Hymn; Ultravox)
14) If I Was (1985; The Gift)
15) Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (1984; Lament; Ultravox)
16) Do They Know Its Christmas (1984; Band Aid)

Thanks to Andrew P for the picture.

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