Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rebel Bingo in Toronto September 1, 2011 (Hype 094E)

What is Rebel Bingo you ask? Hell if we know. All we have been told is that it is underground, rebellious and hardcore. And its coming to Toronto on Thursday September 1, 2011 and Montreal on Friday September 2, 2011. I asked Bobby (the guy setting up the Toronto version) if the party was some sorta promotional gimmick. He replied "It's not a promotion of any sort, it's just a bunch of kids losing their shit." (IKDK: Funny though, the main site has Red Stag promoting their events)
Kids losing their shit indeed. So what is Rebel Bingo? We're not quite sure ourselves which is why we decided to write about it. They seem like one off events with DJ taking place all around the world.
This is what Bobby said:

"We've made up our own rules, because we don't know how to play ACTUAL bingo. This is Rebel Bingo. This is Hardcore. It's not nice and it's not fair. We play music way too loud, dance way too hard, and draw all over each other. You wouldn't want to bring your grandma. Since Rebel Bingo is so addictive and shameful, the meetings take place under the cover of darkness, with cover stories to hide their existence, just in case you don’t want people to know what you’re up to."

We went to their website and here are the rules of the club:

No old people.
No boring people.
No office parties.
No hen parties.
No stag parties.
No work suits.
No cameras or photography. (IKDK: Interesting enough their website has tons of pictures of the events)
No customer service.
Dress Code: Undercover on your way there, dangerous once you're inside

Looking at some of the pictures there seems to be some sort of game that takes place at the event and there are prizes to be won. Also people seem to be writing words all over their bodies. If this sounds like fun you need to get yourself there next Thursday.

So where is it taking place and how do you get in? We don't know. It's so hardcore that the events location is a mystery until closer to the date. To get involved you need to go to the Facebook Page and confirm you are attending to get any more details. There must be some hype on this one as 390 people are confirmed for "Losing your shit" that night.

We were invited to attend this night but unfortunately other than Dunstan, we may not fit the demographic for Rebel Bingo (See Club Rules above).

For more information on the club in general check out their website at and if you can figure it out or actually attend please hit us up with a response below. Because at this point us "old and boring people" don't have a clue on what this is about.

I'll leave you with the classic By Basement Jaxx - Rebel Bingo Bango

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