Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ash Lee's Palace Review November 17 2012 Toronto Setlist

This was a spur of the moment concert run with the Panic Manual crew to Lee's Palace to see legendary nineties britpop act Ash from Northern Ireland. Accordingly to the band this was their first show in Toronto in seven years. Not a bad crowd out to see a band that is about 20 years old and you would think might have lost alot of their following.

Ash, is currently touring as a 3 piece with all their original members. Charlotte Hatherley, who joined the band in 1997 and left in 2006 was absent. The band fired through a 90 minute set of songs spanning their whole career from Trailer to their A-Z compilations. Classic tracks such as Oh Yeah and Goldfinger reminded me of long forgotten sunday nights out at the Dance Cave for britpop night Lux. However, not enough to inspire me to go upstairs after the show when Ricky of Panic Manual fame suggested it.

Lead singer Tim Wheeler was right when he identified that they had lots of songs to choose from for their encore. The band has over 50 singles. Great show. Timewarp back to the mid nineties. Now unfortunately back in 2012.

NB. Unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts I missed opening band Kestrels.

Here is the setlist:

1.Lose Control (1977-1996)
2.Orpheus (Meltdown-2004)
3.A Life Less Ordinary (A Life Less Ordinary EP-1997)
4.Goldfinger (1977-1996)
5.Clones (Meltdown-2004)
6.Walking Barefoot (Free All Angels-2001)
7.Binary (A-Z Vol. 2-2010)
8.Evil Eye (Meltdown-2004)
9.Kung Fu (1977-1996)
10.Shining Light (Free All Angels-2001)
11.Oh Yeah  (1977-1996)
12.Jack Names The Planets (Trailer-1994)
13.Arcadia (A-Z Vol.1-2010)
14.Girl From Mars (1977-1996)
15.Return of White Rabbit (A-Z Vol.1-2010)


16.Angel Interceptor (1977-1996)
17.Uncle Pat (Trailer-1994)
18.Joy Kicks Darkness (A-Z Vol.1-2010)
19.Burn Baby Burn (Free All Angels-2001)


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