Thursday, November 8, 2012

Men Without Hats Lee's Palace Toronto Nov 7, 2012 Setlist

While the world cocooned, a very select few were out doing the safety dance last night like it was 1982. It seems like Men Without Hats are coming to Toronto every few months which isn't a bad thing. The band is currently out on tour to promote their new album Love In The Age Of War.

At about 10:15 Lead man Ivan took to the stage with his 4 piece entourage to send us back to the eighties. Dressed in burgundy pants, studded belt, and a black Rush concert T-Shirt Ivan took us through a 75 minute set featuring a mix of classics and new tracks off the new album. Here was the setlist which was very heavily derived from their first album Rhythm Of Youth.

This War (Love In The Age Of War)
Antartica (Rhythm Of Youth)
I Got The Message (Rhythm Of Youth)
Ideas For Walls (Rhythm Of Youth)
I Like (Rhythm Of Youth)
Head Above Water (Love In The Age Of War)
Pop Goes The World (Pop Goes The World)
The Girl With The Sillicon Eyes (Love In The Age Of War)
Devil Come Around (Love In The Age Of War)
Living In China (Rhythm Of Youth)
Where Do The Boys Go (Folk Of The 80's (PartIII))
Safety Dance (Rhythm Of Youth)
On Tuesday (Pop Goes The World)
Sos (In The 21st Century - Abba Cover)

The setlist completely ignored their album Sideways and No Hats Beyond This Point. And what is that...No Moonbeam? Blasphemy!!!!!

The crowd chanted, clapped and yelled for a second encore even as pre-recorded music began to play. For 10 minutes this went on until the lights came on and drove the crowd to the streets. We were denied. However, I went home happy having heard my fave MWH's track Ideas For Walls.


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