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Erasure and Frankmusik Sound Academy Toronto September 11, 2011

On-stage Costume Change

First time to ever take in Erasure in Concert. What a show, or should I say spectacle. Vince Clark and Andy Bell definately put on a good party. Andy with the dance moves, Vince controlling the music from a gargoyle, and two backup singers to keep it real. Frankmusik opened up the night with some high flying covers and originals to get the crowd moving but this was definately Erasure's night. The set list was all over the map taking hits from across their career while getting in five new ones from the new album called Tomorrow's World.

Erasure Setlist

1.Sono Luminus (Erasure-1995)
2.Always (I Say I Say I Say-1994)
3.When I Start To (Break It All Down) (Tomorrow's World-2011)
4.Blue Savannah (Wild-1989)
5.Fill Us With Fire (Tomorrow's World-2011)
6.Drama (Wild-1989)
7.You've Got To Save Me Right (Tomorrow's World-2011)
8.Ship Of Fools (The Innocents-1988)
9.Chorus (Chorus-1991)
10.Breathe (Nightbird-2005)
11.Victim Of Love (The Circus-1986)
12.Alien (Loveboat-2000)
13.Push Me Shove Me (Wonderland-1985)
14.Love To Hate You (Chorus-1991)
15.I Lose Myself(Tomorrow's World-2011)
16.A Whole Lotta Love Run Riot (Tomorrow's World-2011)
17.Breath Of Life (Chorus-1991)
18.Chains Of Love (The Innocents-1988)
19.Sometimes (The Circus-1986)
20.A Little Respect (The Innocents-1988)


21.Oh L'Amour (Wonderland-1985)
22.Stop! (Crackers International-1988)

This is what the crowd said that night:


@Frankmusik I will be performing at 8pm at the Sound Academy in Toronto tonight! (IKDK: We were there!!)

@IKvsDK @frankmusik toronto knows Frankmusik (IKDK: Yes we do)

@xxtopher @Frankmusik .. you need a full concert in Toronto. Including songs from both albums & your acoustic album! ...this NEEDS TO BE DONE!

@Frankmusik Sorry to duck out 2nite Toronto. Border control wouldn't allow me to bring my merch to sell in Canada and we have a long drive 2nite big

@Frankmusik Toronto you were pretty tonight.

@willeagle Very lucky to see @Frankmusik in Toronto tonight for the first time. Talented, high energy, great stage presence, handsome #newfanhere

@dean @Frankmusik Fantastic show in Toronto last night. Won my friend over as another new fan!

@WRC_DOD @Frankmusik Loved your performance last night in Toronto! The crowd LOVED YOU! Thanks for a great time!


@tvdean Off to get my 80s on at an #Erasure concert

@RolynSays Off to the #erasure concert I go. Why? Cause @RaymondHelkio is addicted to them like The Valley Of The Dolls.

@sheryl_kirby Dear TTC... Don't screw this up. I need to get to the Erasure concert. No delays tonight, please.

@willeagle Frankmusik and Erasure at the Sound Academy!! Very happy

@Alphamoongirl At the Erasure concert at Sound Academy. The average age here is around 40. Peeked at the setlist. Wish it were less of a 'hits' medley.

@panicmanual once again I'm one of the younger people at the concert. Makes me feel good about myself #erasure (IKDK: Panicmanual...getting older by the minute)

@AvitaniaInTO Hoping my love for Erasure can overpower my hatred for Sound Academy. (@ Sound Academy for Erasure and Frankmusik)

@Lucky_Yogini waiting for the Erasure concert to start @ The Sound Academy, it's like being at an 80s high school reunion

@palomabonita So excited to see Erasure again in Toronto this weekend!! I wanna dance my pants off :) @AndyBell_info @thecabinstudio

@Daphne7411 Desperately in need of a breather-- its Erasure at the Sound Academy

@billcs At the Erasure show in Toronto Andy Bell says Toronto always makes him horny as he launches into - Always of course!

@SteveMcGar At amazing Erasure concert in Toronto. They still have it!

@MrMikeBax Erasure - Victim Of Love at Sound Academy = amazing. Totally impressed! @erasure

@willeagle Spectacular Erasure show in Toronto tonight, feeling energised and happy, @AndyBell_info (looking v fit) and @thecabinstudio were incredible
@MollyCLeonard Tonight's Erasure concert featured more glare from bald male heads than from digital cameras. That's not a crowd norm I'm used to! (IKDK: Wasn't us. we have all our hair.)

@byronkentwong Go see Erasure live for the best dance party! Amazing show in Toronto. Thanks @thecabinstudio for making the beats bang ! Such a pleasure.

@shaychguy Erasure at Sound Academy last night - loved it times 10! All the more amazing with my guy by my side. :)

And the song that ended a fantastic night:



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