Friday, September 9, 2011

Shriekback Oil and Gold (Reissue 001)

Another new column for the blog on album reissues. 26 years later english band Shriekback reissue their classic 1985 album Oil and Gold which featured the classic singles Fish Below Ice, and Nemesis.

The reissue is a double CD set featuring the original album on disc one and extended mixes/b-sides/live cuts taken from the singles (12 Inch/7 Inch) on the second disc. I'm excited to hear the Arch Deviant Mix of Nemesis which I didn't even know existed. I find out now that there was actually two 12 Inches for Nemesis released in 1985 in the UK. I've never physically seen the second.

CD 1: Original Album
1. “Malaria”
2. “Everything That Rises Must Converge”
3. “Fish Below The Ice”
4. “This Big Hush”
5. “Faded Flowers”
6. “Nemesis”
7. “Only Thing That Shines”
8. “Health And Knowledge And Wealth And Power”
9. “Hammerheads”
10. “Coelocanth”

CD 2: Bonus Disc
1. “Suck” - Live Hatfield Poly (Shrk3)
2. “Mothloop” – Live Hatfield Poly (Shrk3)
3. “Feelers” - Live Hatfield Poly (Shrk3)
4. “Nemesis” - Extended
5. “Nemesis” - Arch Deviant Mix
6. “Fish Below the Ice” – Single Edit
7. “All Lined Up” - B-Side “Fish Below the Ice”
8. “My Spine (Is The Bassline)” - B-Side “Fish Below the Ice”
9. “Fish Below the Ice” - The Plankton Enriched Mix
10. “Fish Below the Ice” – Dance Mix


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