Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jesus And Mary Chain Psychocandy (Reissue 002)

I have to admit that I just missed Psychocandy back in November 1985. I was still probably on my dose of early eighties pop/new wave pop ala Howard Jones, Platinum Blonde, Abc, and Simple Minds. A couple months later I ended up picking up the Some Candy Talking EP on vinyl for 4.99 Canadian at the local A and A Records and was hooked. Soon after I had Psychocandy on Tape. Life definately changed.

Here we are approx 25 years later and Psychocandy gets the 2 CD/DVD reissue treatment. Over the next few months all 6 Jesus and The Mary Chain albums will get the reissue treatment with the original album, b-sides, outtakes, demos, etc included. The soaring grungy buzzy guitars still sound as fresh as they were in 1986.

People have been led to believe some other band in 1991 started the alternative revolution. Sorry to break the news. It happened in the eighties and this may have been the first band to do it.

Here is what is on the reissue:

CD 1
1 Just Like Honey
2 The Living End
3 Taste The Floor
4 The Hardest Walk
5 Cut Dead
6 In A Hole
7 Taste Of Cindy
8 Never Understand
9 Inside Me
10 Sowing Seeds
11 My Little Underground
12 You Trip Me Up
13 Something's Wrong
14 It's So Hard
15 Suck
16 Ambition
17 Just Out Of Reach
18 Boyfriend's Dead
19 Head
20 Cracked

CD 2
1 Upside Down
2 Vegetable Man
3 In A Hole
4 You Trip Me Up
5 Never Understand
6 Taste The Floor
7 The Living End
8 Inside Me
9 Just Like Honey
10 Some Candy Talking
11 Psychocandy
12 You Trip Me Up
13 Cut Dead
14 Up Too High
15 Upside Down
16 Never Understand
17 Taste The Floor
18 In A Hole
19 Something's Wrong
20 Just Like Honey
21 The Living End
22 My Little Underground
23 Never Understand (Alternate version)
24 Jesus Fuck

1 Never Understand
2 You Trip Me Up
3 Just Like Honey
4 In A Hole - Old Grey Whistle Test
5 Riot at North London Polytechnic - Interview and Live Clips
6 Interview - VRT, Belgium
7 Never Understand – VRT, Belgium
8 Just Like Honey - The Tube
9 Inside Me - The Tube


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