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Sóley - Smashed Birds (Hype 0120)

Chilled out folky indie cut from Soley taken from the album We`ll Sink


Sóley: Smashed Birds from morr music on Vimeo.

Jesus And Mary Chain Psychocandy (Reissue 002)

I have to admit that I just missed Psychocandy back in November 1985. I was still probably on my dose of early eighties pop/new wave pop ala Howard Jones, Platinum Blonde, Abc, and Simple Minds. A couple months later I ended up picking up the Some Candy Talking EP on vinyl for 4.99 Canadian at the local A and A Records and was hooked. Soon after I had Psychocandy on Tape. Life definately changed.

Here we are approx 25 years later and Psychocandy gets the 2 CD/DVD reissue treatment. Over the next few months all 6 Jesus and The Mary Chain albums will get the reissue treatment with the original album, b-sides, outtakes, demos, etc included. The soaring grungy buzzy guitars still sound as fresh as they were in 1986.

People have been led to believe some other band in 1991 started the alternative revolution. Sorry to break the news. It happened in the eighties and this may have been the first band to do it.

Here is what is on the reissue:

CD 1
1 Just Like Honey
2 The Living End
3 Taste The Floor
4 The Hardest Walk
5 Cut Dead
6 In A Hole
7 Taste Of Cindy
8 Never Understand
9 Inside Me
10 Sowing Seeds
11 My Little Underground
12 You Trip Me Up
13 Something's Wrong
14 It's So Hard
15 Suck
16 Ambition
17 Just Out Of Reach
18 Boyfriend's Dead
19 Head
20 Cracked

CD 2
1 Upside Down
2 Vegetable Man
3 In A Hole
4 You Trip Me Up
5 Never Understand
6 Taste The Floor
7 The Living End
8 Inside Me
9 Just Like Honey
10 Some Candy Talking
11 Psychocandy
12 You Trip Me Up
13 Cut Dead
14 Up Too High
15 Upside Down
16 Never Understand
17 Taste The Floor
18 In A Hole
19 Something's Wrong
20 Just Like Honey
21 The Living End
22 My Little Underground
23 Never Understand (Alternate version)
24 Jesus Fuck

1 Never Understand
2 You Trip Me Up
3 Just Like Honey
4 In A Hole - Old Grey Whistle Test
5 Riot at North London Polytechnic - Interview and Live Clips
6 Interview - VRT, Belgium
7 Never Understand – VRT, Belgium
8 Just Like Honey - The Tube
9 Inside Me - The Tube


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The Finger - Die! Die superhero! (Hype 0118)

Nice fresh pop single in the spirit of a Shirley Manson out of Greece!! We tracked this one down through a download to our Soundcloud*.

*Note Yes, we do listen. Not like some of those other grimy Toronto Blogs/publications that wait for the major labels to hand them free CDs (You know who you are!)


Foreigner - Urgent (Retro 004)

For three weeks around September 1981 Foreigner had the number 1 song in Toronto (1050 Chum Charts). I was alittle too young to have discovered music at this point in time and definately this would not have been on my radar during my high school days of the mid/late eighties. My tastes tended to gravitate to the more new wave alternative sounds of the time and not the rock or metal. Funny as how I get older and gravitate back to the older music I find myself actually likeing some of the older rock pop tracks that dominated the early eighties and the flailing sax solos.

If interested, I track the pop hits of the eighties that landed on the Toronto 1050 Chum Charts 30 years later in the following facebook page on a fairly daily basis:!/pages/1050-CHUM-Charts-Eighties-Hits/385431135253


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Groove Armada - The Pleasure Victim (Hype 0111)

Groove Armada are back with a slammin club track taking inspiration from a very popular nineties house anthem called Devotion by Nomad. I have to admit I've been more heavy on the indie posts vs the club posts so hopefully this will inspire more dance stuff on the blog in the near future.


Human League and Men Without Hats Guvernment Setlist Toronto September 18, 2011

Double bill of eighties synthpop ikons in Toronto tonight at the Guvernment. Took awhile but the place finally filled up nicely too. Men Without Hats were on first.

Men Without Hats

Ivan was back in town for his 3rd show in Toronto this year. I've seen all three shows so I was glad he changed up the setlist alittle and gave Toronto a first time opportunity to hear Ideas for Walls. Definately still lots of energy in the band given they have been touring all year. The band is still only playing the one new song This War which they opened up with this time around. The set was short and unfortunately did not include Moonbeam. Here is the setlist which only had nine songs this time around.

This War
I Got The Message
I Like
Ideas For Walls
Pop Goes The World
Living In China
Where Do The Boys Go
Safety Dance

Here is what people said (not many people said anything about Men Without Hats):

@JulianSpillane: Dear Twitter, I will be live-tweeting from the Men Without Hats and Human League show. Prepare for a deluge of drunken excitement.

@IKvsDK: Men Without Hats again #3 #toronto

Human League

Next up were Human League. The League at this point are still Philip Oakey, Susanne Sulley, and Joanne Catherall. 4 backup members supported the music side of things with space age like keyboards and electronic drums. The band came out and put on a nice ninety minute high energy show which captured at least one track from every Human League album while going heavy on the cuts from Dare and the three singles from the new album Credo. Seeing Human League can now be marked off my list of things I need to do before I die.  Fantastic!!! Here was the setlist.

1) Never Let Me Go (Credo)
2) Open Your Heart (Dare)
3) Sound Of The Crowd (Dare)
4) Heart Like A Wheel (Romantic)
5) The Lebanon (Hysteria)
6) Egomaniac (Credo)
7) Empire State Human (Reproduction)
8) Night People (Credo)
9) Human (Crash)
10) Love Action (Dare)
11) All I Ever Wanted (Secrets)
12) Tell Me When (Octopus)
13) Mirror Man (Fascination)
14) (Keep Feeling) Fascination (Fascination)
15) Don't You Want Me (Dare)
16) Being Boiled (Travelogue)
17) Together In Electric Dreams (Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder)

Here's what people said:

@steve_mcgill: So apparently the type of person who goes to a Human League show is the kind that yells for the keyboard player to take off her clothes #fb

@IKvsDK Guvernment is now filling up. Maybe about 400 now. Men without hats just ended. Human League now setting up. #fascination

@sheryl_kirby Anybody else here at the Human League show or are y'all at home watching the #Emmys? (IKDK: Human League or the Emmys....easy choice)

@IKvsDK: Human League about to take stage in Toronto. Who would have thought. Time to lobby a thompson twin reunion

@beerboozebites At the Human League concert. Following #Emmys tweets because it's more exciting than the show. (IKDK: hmmmmm...)

@ryan_says: some serious keytar action at this Human League show

@beerboozebites: I've passed the point of being annoyed by the Human League concert, and am now reveling in it's awfulness. (IKDK: Okay, only one person didn't like the show)
@aeroplanext: I tried a new app. It sent me to a Human League/Men Without Hats concert. It's 1985. Someone just called me "Spaceman." (IKDK: Nice!!!)

@sheryl_kirby The girls from Human League are like two drunk ladies at a wedding. Trying to dance in sync and making a hot mess of it. (IKDK: Nice!!!)

@beerboozebites: I expected Human League to finish their set by reminding us to vote for Prom King & Queen. (IKDK: Who invited this guy.)

@IKvsDK: Emmys over human league! Shame @lau_ally @panicmanual (IKDK: Yes!)

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Human League (Keep Feeling) Fascination (Retro 003)

Classic track from new wave outfit Human League which actually wasn't on an album but was issued on the Fascination EP (1983) which was to fill the void between the massive success of Dare (1981) and their next album Hysteria (1994). The EP also contained the massive hit Mirror Man. Human League are in Toronto for a show tomorrow night September 18, at the Sound Academy. Men Without Hats will be opening up.


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Wild Flag - Romance (Hype 0110)

Not Black Flag but Wild Flag off Merge Records with the single Romance taken from the self-titled debut album for this band containing former members of Helium and Sleater Kinney.


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Big Pink - Stay Gold (Hype 0107)

Brand new sonic goodness from Big Pink on the 4AD label. First single taken from the forthcoming album due out in January


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Drums - Money (Hype 095)

Great new track by the Drums off their new album Portamento. This time we rewind to offer the original version of the track. All about not having any money. Reminds me of my twenties.


Erasure and Frankmusik Sound Academy Toronto September 11, 2011

On-stage Costume Change

First time to ever take in Erasure in Concert. What a show, or should I say spectacle. Vince Clark and Andy Bell definately put on a good party. Andy with the dance moves, Vince controlling the music from a gargoyle, and two backup singers to keep it real. Frankmusik opened up the night with some high flying covers and originals to get the crowd moving but this was definately Erasure's night. The set list was all over the map taking hits from across their career while getting in five new ones from the new album called Tomorrow's World.

Erasure Setlist

1.Sono Luminus (Erasure-1995)
2.Always (I Say I Say I Say-1994)
3.When I Start To (Break It All Down) (Tomorrow's World-2011)
4.Blue Savannah (Wild-1989)
5.Fill Us With Fire (Tomorrow's World-2011)
6.Drama (Wild-1989)
7.You've Got To Save Me Right (Tomorrow's World-2011)
8.Ship Of Fools (The Innocents-1988)
9.Chorus (Chorus-1991)
10.Breathe (Nightbird-2005)
11.Victim Of Love (The Circus-1986)
12.Alien (Loveboat-2000)
13.Push Me Shove Me (Wonderland-1985)
14.Love To Hate You (Chorus-1991)
15.I Lose Myself(Tomorrow's World-2011)
16.A Whole Lotta Love Run Riot (Tomorrow's World-2011)
17.Breath Of Life (Chorus-1991)
18.Chains Of Love (The Innocents-1988)
19.Sometimes (The Circus-1986)
20.A Little Respect (The Innocents-1988)


21.Oh L'Amour (Wonderland-1985)
22.Stop! (Crackers International-1988)

This is what the crowd said that night:


@Frankmusik I will be performing at 8pm at the Sound Academy in Toronto tonight! (IKDK: We were there!!)

@IKvsDK @frankmusik toronto knows Frankmusik (IKDK: Yes we do)

@xxtopher @Frankmusik .. you need a full concert in Toronto. Including songs from both albums & your acoustic album! ...this NEEDS TO BE DONE!

@Frankmusik Sorry to duck out 2nite Toronto. Border control wouldn't allow me to bring my merch to sell in Canada and we have a long drive 2nite big

@Frankmusik Toronto you were pretty tonight.

@willeagle Very lucky to see @Frankmusik in Toronto tonight for the first time. Talented, high energy, great stage presence, handsome #newfanhere

@dean @Frankmusik Fantastic show in Toronto last night. Won my friend over as another new fan!

@WRC_DOD @Frankmusik Loved your performance last night in Toronto! The crowd LOVED YOU! Thanks for a great time!


@tvdean Off to get my 80s on at an #Erasure concert

@RolynSays Off to the #erasure concert I go. Why? Cause @RaymondHelkio is addicted to them like The Valley Of The Dolls.

@sheryl_kirby Dear TTC... Don't screw this up. I need to get to the Erasure concert. No delays tonight, please.

@willeagle Frankmusik and Erasure at the Sound Academy!! Very happy

@Alphamoongirl At the Erasure concert at Sound Academy. The average age here is around 40. Peeked at the setlist. Wish it were less of a 'hits' medley.

@panicmanual once again I'm one of the younger people at the concert. Makes me feel good about myself #erasure (IKDK: Panicmanual...getting older by the minute)

@AvitaniaInTO Hoping my love for Erasure can overpower my hatred for Sound Academy. (@ Sound Academy for Erasure and Frankmusik)

@Lucky_Yogini waiting for the Erasure concert to start @ The Sound Academy, it's like being at an 80s high school reunion

@palomabonita So excited to see Erasure again in Toronto this weekend!! I wanna dance my pants off :) @AndyBell_info @thecabinstudio

@Daphne7411 Desperately in need of a breather-- its Erasure at the Sound Academy

@billcs At the Erasure show in Toronto Andy Bell says Toronto always makes him horny as he launches into - Always of course!

@SteveMcGar At amazing Erasure concert in Toronto. They still have it!

@MrMikeBax Erasure - Victim Of Love at Sound Academy = amazing. Totally impressed! @erasure

@willeagle Spectacular Erasure show in Toronto tonight, feeling energised and happy, @AndyBell_info (looking v fit) and @thecabinstudio were incredible
@MollyCLeonard Tonight's Erasure concert featured more glare from bald male heads than from digital cameras. That's not a crowd norm I'm used to! (IKDK: Wasn't us. we have all our hair.)

@byronkentwong Go see Erasure live for the best dance party! Amazing show in Toronto. Thanks @thecabinstudio for making the beats bang ! Such a pleasure.

@shaychguy Erasure at Sound Academy last night - loved it times 10! All the more amazing with my guy by my side. :)

And the song that ended a fantastic night:



Sunday, September 11, 2011

ERASURE - When I Start To (Break It All Down) (Hype 0105)

Brand new single from Erasure off their new album Tomorrow's World. Erasure are at the sound academy in Toronto tonight September 11, 2011.


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Cat's Eyes - The Best Person I Know (Hype 0103)

Chilling track in the spirit of Broadcast taken from their Broken Glass EP. If you like this I recommend you check out their Nick Cavish track called Cat's Eyes also on the Broken Glass EP. Don't be surprised if that track ends on the hype list also.


Shriekback Oil and Gold (Reissue 001)

Another new column for the blog on album reissues. 26 years later english band Shriekback reissue their classic 1985 album Oil and Gold which featured the classic singles Fish Below Ice, and Nemesis.

The reissue is a double CD set featuring the original album on disc one and extended mixes/b-sides/live cuts taken from the singles (12 Inch/7 Inch) on the second disc. I'm excited to hear the Arch Deviant Mix of Nemesis which I didn't even know existed. I find out now that there was actually two 12 Inches for Nemesis released in 1985 in the UK. I've never physically seen the second.

CD 1: Original Album
1. “Malaria”
2. “Everything That Rises Must Converge”
3. “Fish Below The Ice”
4. “This Big Hush”
5. “Faded Flowers”
6. “Nemesis”
7. “Only Thing That Shines”
8. “Health And Knowledge And Wealth And Power”
9. “Hammerheads”
10. “Coelocanth”

CD 2: Bonus Disc
1. “Suck” - Live Hatfield Poly (Shrk3)
2. “Mothloop” – Live Hatfield Poly (Shrk3)
3. “Feelers” - Live Hatfield Poly (Shrk3)
4. “Nemesis” - Extended
5. “Nemesis” - Arch Deviant Mix
6. “Fish Below the Ice” – Single Edit
7. “All Lined Up” - B-Side “Fish Below the Ice”
8. “My Spine (Is The Bassline)” - B-Side “Fish Below the Ice”
9. “Fish Below the Ice” - The Plankton Enriched Mix
10. “Fish Below the Ice” – Dance Mix


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PJ Harvey - Sheela Na Gig (Retro 002)

So PJ Harvey won some UK music award yesterday for her new album Let England Shake. Good for her!!!! We take you back almost 20 years to 1992 for this classic track from her first album Dry. I remember getting to see her first concert in Toronto when she was touring Dry and opened up for Love and Rockets guy David J who was on a solo tour support his 4th record Urban Urbane at the Opera House. Definately alot of raw energy and definately blew David off the stage at a fairly empty Opera House.


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Regina - Unessa (Hype 0101)

Grimey bitter sweet indie track from Finnish singer Regina off the new album released this month called Soita Mulle. Nice!!


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The Saturdays All Fired Up (Hype 0100)

Hot club anthem from The Saturdays makes our 100th hype track (since we started keeping track). Storming club formula at work here. Technically should have posted this on Saturday.


Queen - Body Language (Retro 001)

Supposedly its Freddie Mercury's 65th birthday today if he were to be still alive. He died at age 45. Google celebrated the event with a doodle on its home page (an animated Queen concert)to the Queen song Don't Stop Me Now off their 1978 album Jazz. IKDK commemorate the event with the classic eighties song Body Language which was a huge pop hit back in 1982 off their Hot Space album. This then starts another chapter of the IKDK blog as we will start to highlight classic songs from the past on a regular basis. Thanks to the doodle for the inspiration.


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Class Actress - Keep You (Hype 099)

Catchy watered down new wavish piece from Class Actress. Nice!!!!


Upcoming Concerts as of September 4, 2011 in Toronto

Here are the concerts that IKDK are currently flagging:

08 Sept Sebastian (Hoxton)
09 Sept Teddybears (Wrong Bar)
11 Sept Erasure (Sound Academy)
13 Sept Empire Of The Sun / Miami Horror (Echo Beach)
14 Sept Chad Valley /Active Child (Garrison)
18 Sept Human League / Men Without Hats (Guvernment)
22 Sept Tahiti 80 (Horseshoe Tavern)
22 Sept Shins (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
23 Sept Marling Laura (The Great Hall)
24 Sept Peter Hook / Dirty Beaches / Frankie Rose & The Outs (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
24 Sept Kid Sister (Wrongbar)
25 Sept Yuck (Horseshoe Tavern)
26 Sept Tune-Yards (Lee's Palace)
27 Sept Horrors (Lee's Palace)
29 Sept Wild Beasts (Mod Club)
30 Sept James Blake (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
01 Oct Drums (Mod Club)
01 Oct Foster The People (Sound Academy)
03 Oct Twin Shadow (Mod Club)
05 Oct Ladytron / Sonoio (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
11 Oct Drums (Mod Club)
14 Oct Braids (Horseshoe)
16 Oct Dum Dum Girls / Crocodiles (Lee's Palace)
20 Oct Shonen Knife (Horseshoe Tavern)
23 Oct Friendly Fires ((Phoenix Concert Theatre)
25 Oct Still Corners (Drake Hotel)
02 Nov Star Slinger (Horseshoe Tavern)
15 Nov Lykke Li (Sound Academy)
18 Nov M83 (Lee's Palace)
01 Dec Austra (Phoenix Concert Theatre)
08 Dev Anna Calvi (Lee's Palace)

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